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When Jonathan Jones joined Crockett & Jones in 1977, his intentions were ‘simple’ – to save his family’s 100 year old footwear manufacturing firm from closure. No mean task. Through politically turbulent years, Jonathan and Crockett & Jones prevailed. By applying sheer determination, commitment to the cause and conviction, an English producer of the highest quality ready-to-wear shoes & boots was not just ‘saved’: it was nurtured back to prominence, becoming a world-renowned and world-respected footwear manufacturer and luxury heritage brand.

Last year saw the company reach an incredible milestone of 140 years since its inception and only a few years prior to this in 2017, Crockett & Jones celebrated 20 years of brick & mortar retail. This branded growth, since 1997, gave the company new life. Developing a loyal customer following the traditional way made the brand more accessible. Our retail business is more important to the company than ever and has since grown to 14 retail stores across London, Birmingham, New York, Brussels and Paris.

Until recently, Crockett & Jones has not had the production capacity to launch an e-commerce operation, which remarkably has not affected the company’s recent success. The current global situation has slowed traditional retail for our wholesale and retail business and has provided us with the capacity to launch an e-commerce operation. A silver lining during tough trading conditions for many businesses.

Crockett & Jones will remain a huge advocate for traditional retail with the view to running a complimentary e-commerce service alongside its retail growth plan. The timing is right. We have production capacity available to us for the first time in 10 years and an already committed online and offline customer base who are accepting new ways to retail. The operation must be of high quality, and replicate the level of service that can be experienced in a Crockett & Jones retail store.


We would like to hear from candidates who are able to apply high level, traditional retailing through digital means, helping to service our customers at distance.

There will be no requirement for technical or digital marketing as our website is already well established. Experiences in this realm are welcome, but for those without technical web based knowledge, the website is managed by our marketing team.

Servicing our loyal and knowledgeable customers at distance, is far more about the manner in which you grow a rapport with them via phone and email as it is about the PPC campaign we may or may not run on google. We are looking for candidates who understand retail management, and can apply that to online customer service.


Understands and has proven ability in handling customers at distance, not just face-to-face.

Can demonstrate excellent written skills and can remain diplomatic through email.

Is process driven and has a proven track record implementing and managing order flows through following company operations.

Sector specific is less important, but from a likeminded brand or menswear / womenswear brand at our level (£400 AIV for single item) would be advantageous.

High level customer service through customer ownership is a requirement.

Product knowledge is key, so a keen interest in product details and the manufacturing process is extremely important (Pre packing passing).


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