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140th Anniversary Details... Magee

140th Anniversary Details... Magee

Magee (street), a Cambridge gusset casual, thought to originate on Jermyn Street, London, where Crockett & Jones’ London flagships reside. This very ‘London’ style combines antique calf uppers with expertly stitched willow grain gusset sides and quarter inserts.

Magee | 140th Anniversary Collection | Crockett & Jones

Last 140

Specially developed for the collection, Last 140 features a hollowed out neck, narrow waist, soft outside wall and an elegantly English round toe profile. After months of model making, sampling and test fitting a form fit for the collection was born.

Magee in Dark Brown Antique Calf & Dark Brown Willow Grain

Did you know?

Magee is a style that is commonly known as a side gusset casual, but on closer inspection the term ‘Cambridge’ is used to describe this particular model time and time again throughout the 40s and 50s. We do not know whether it is a style genre, or more specific to a side gusset with a punch cap…

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