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140th Anniversary Details... Perry

140th Anniversary Details... Perry

Perry (street), ‘a very distinctive style’ as described in our 1920s special edition catalogue. A pin-punch cap English Oxford with exquisite swan neck facing details. Made from the smallest and tightest black calf skins with a notion of our linear willow grain (also in black) found under laid in the shapely swan neck facing and art deco ‘fishtail’ back strap.

Perry | 140th Anniversary Collection | Crockett & Jones

Last 140

Specially developed for the collection, Last 140 features a hollowed out neck, narrow waist, soft outside wall and an elegantly English round toe profile. After months of model making, sampling and test fitting a form fit for the collection was born.

Perry in Black Calf & Black Willow Grain

Did you know?

Perry, originally featured in a special edition collection in 1924. A collection that was developed to attract the ‘Gentlemen of the East’ and to help educate early customers in the East to the benefits of Goodyear-welted footwear.

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