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A Manufacturers view of Pitti UOMO

Why the Menswear world descends on Florence’s Fortezza da Basso, from behind the brand.

A Manufacturers view of Pitti UOMO

The reality of Pitti UOMO is that it is a trade show. Not a catwalk, not a fashion show. With hundreds of trade stands housing hundreds of dedicated staff, we entertain non-stop back-to-back meetings all done on a rather stale bread roll and the odd caffeine ingestion.

Times have changed for the now famous Pitti UOMO. Having just returned from our 35th Pitti (we began in 2002) the show is drastically different than it once was. Incredibly, our rather illusive Italian agent ‘celebrated’ his 69th Pitti UOMO (the show began in ’72) this year.

The now substantial and highly respected media presence at Pitti has turned it into a melting pot of menswear; from wholesale buying and selling, to providing a real life window of forward planning for fashions and trends alike. One where the trends are offered up by a consortium of consumers, buyers, staff, consultants, media moguls, influencers or… all of the above with an anything goes, Braveheart sort of ‘FREEDOM!’ – Not too many kilts this year!

‘Peacocking’ aside, Pitti has become so widely published and spoken about that this flagship menswear trade show is now the benchmark of all others, attracting menswear enthusiasts from all over the world.

This year saw 36,000 visitors, 23,800 buyers and 1,230 brands attend!

However, look beneath the surface of Pitti UOMO and you witness the unstoppable currents of an ocean of manufacturers, brands, retailers and buyers furiously working (often on a hangover) amongst the hustle and bustle of what is now a coming together of the great and the good of menswear.

Crockett & Jones is a manufacture and a brand that has the good fortune to utilise Pitti for multiple reasons: Wholesale customers from all corners of our globe come together during our bi-annual pilgrimage to Florence. Catching up on old times with friends, discussing our businesses as though they are our children, reminiscing (always) about the forgotten but not forgotten legends of the footwear industry.

We welcome customers from Japan, descending in swathes with development ideas under their arms that outpace any other market (a spectacle indeed). European and America retailers come by for considered discussions on politics (of course Brexit) and a little business when time allows. And friends of the media come by to snap the new collection for Instagram stories, talk about the coming season for future editorial and to steel our water (you know who you are).

For a snap-shot of what trends were brought to the fray this month, follow your favourite Instagram stars or media titles for proper journalistic coverage. For an insight into why Pitti UOMO helps manufacturers remain abreast of worldwide developments and draw on the power of knowledge from all, follow the manufactures and brands that make the show what it is today.

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