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A Mature Look at Style

David Evans, founder of Grey Fox Blog, discusses how Instagram and Blogging provides a style platform for all age ranges.

A Mature Look at Style

The chances are that if you’re over 40, whether a man or a women, you experience moments of doubt about how to dress or where to buy your clothes. I remember reaching the age where I began to wonder whether those shoes, those jeans, or that jacket suited me - or were they really for a younger man?

Why do we reach an age of uncertainty about personal style? Judging by the youth of most models in fashion advertising, you’d think style was for the young alone. The absence of inspiring older role models is exacerbated by brands who overlook the older market by focusing only on younger consumers - this is despite the fact that 47% of consumer spending is by those aged over 50. With nobody selling to them, older people can be excused for feeling unsure about style.

Things are changing - and Instagram now fills this gap, providing style inspiration for all ages. I started my blog, Grey Fox, in 2011 to describe my search for style as an older man. I followed blogs such as The Sartorialist to find ideas on how I could dress, as at this time blogs were more influential than the emerging social media. Now Instagram and Pinterest give the image the edge over the written word. I use my blog to write a story in depth about a brand or product but Instagram provides visual inspiration in abundance to all ages.

I own a pair of Newquay in Dark Brown Suede, a perfect merge of contemporary style and a classic look, they are both well-made and comfortable.

There are now many older Instagrammers, men and women, displaying a wide range of styles, from tailored to denim casual. While those aged between 25 and 44 make up by far the largest group following of Grey Fox on Instagram (over 60%), older people are now taking up social media at a greater rate. On the blog, on the other hand, those aged under 45 make up some 45% of the following - the blog audience seems to be slightly older.

If you follow older bloggers and Instagrammers you’ll find an emphasis on classic products rather than high fashion. The focus is on timeless yet contemporary quality. Sustainability and ethical production matter - craftsmanship and worker welfare are important. British products fit all these criteria, suiting older consumers who like timeless quality products.

Crockett & Jones’ shoes are a perfect examples of this. I own a pair of Newquay in Dark Brown Suede, a perfect merge of contemporary style and a classic look, they are both well-made and comfortable. I match them with a pair of jeans, chunky knitwear and a tweed coat - creating a look that, with its classic simplicity, suits all ages.

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David Evans

David Evans

Writer and Founder of Grey Fox Blog

David founded Grey Fox Blog in late 2011, after his desire of becoming a well-dressed Gentleman led him to explore the world of luxury menswear. The blog not only became a search for style, but also a celebration of Made in Britain. His love for British made products has not only grown since starting Grey Fox Blog but has given him opportunities to delve further into the heritage of British manufacturing by attending ateliers and factory tours up and down the British Isles. David’s articles will help bring to life the significance of ‘Made in England’.

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