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Archive Details... The Albert Slipper

Archive Details... The Albert Slipper

The Albert Slipper, believed to be named after Queen Victoria’s consort Prince Albert, was developed in the early 1800’s as an attractive and practical indoor shoe. This particular sample was awarded the 'Diploma D'Onore' - Turino 1911 for producing the world’s finest slipper. The leather section being cut from a single piece of leather.

The development of the Albert Slipper coincided with the fashion of wearing a smoking jacket. Described in a gentlemen’s magazine of London in the 1850s, as a kind of short robe de chambre, of velvet, cashmere or printed flannel and lined with bright colours. The slippers are often decorated or embellished with gold embroidery and are generally made of velvet or silk with the upper usually a whole cut. Along with a full lining the Albert Slipper also features a rubber or leather sole.

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