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AW16 Details... Beaumont 2

AW16 Details... Beaumont 2

The Details - Beaumont 2

Beaumont 2, a member to the Crockett & Jones Hand Grade collection, represents the art of shoemaking at its highest level. Evolving from the original Beaumont style, Beaumont 2 is has been moved to the new 373 last, illustrating the art of hand polishing and hand burnishing.


The Finer Details...

Fashioned around the new 373 last, Beaumont 2 is shaped to the natural contours of the foot, giving exceptional fitting qualities. Uppers are cut from the finest calf skins with a supple tannage, meaning Beaumont 2's galosh style vamp offers glove-like comfort, whilst providing enticing visual depth of this sleek Balmoral Oxford.


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