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AW16 Details... Cork

AW16 Details... Cork

The Details - Cork

The only Cordovan style to infiltrate the Autumn Winter 2016 range is Cork. Cork is a Men’s Derby Shoe, made on the recognizable, high-walled 371 last, a last that has only been occupying numerous cubby holes in the Crockett & Jones basement for just over 5 years. Available in Horween’s Dark Brown Cordovan and the increasingly popular Whisky Cordovan, Cork also is available in Tan Burnished Calf exclusively in Crockett & Jones Paris shops.


The Finer Details...

Cork, along with its many noteworthy features, demonstrates a hand-pulled up apron. For those who are unsure of the process of hand-pulling up an apron, this is a method in which sets of twin holes are punched into a one piece vamp, and then stitched and pulled up by hand using either one or two needles simultaneously (depending on the preferred technique of the operative) to create the raised apron ‘lip’. This process can take around 20 minutes per pair depending on the material, with cordovan taking the longest due to the substance.


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