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AW16 Details... Edgware

AW16 Details... Edgware

The Details - Edgware

There is nothing new about the Crockett & Jones best-selling Oxford Edgware, however with the augmentation of the new ‘City Sole’, Edgware is rejuvenated to offer city sophistication with the security of a discreet lightweight rubber sole for those who cannot abide leather soles.


The Finer Details...

Focusing on the finer details of Edgware, our attentions are aimed at the intricately punched toe medallion and after some scrutiny in the Pattern Room, we learnt that this ornate toe medallion originated from an archived Ladies style. Back in the 1940’s, Crockett & Jones ladies styles displayed some of the finer details, whereas men’s shoes were left plain. So naturally as men’s designs evolved, some of these additional design features from Ladies styles crept into the men’s collection.


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