Crockett & Jones

Crockett & Jones... Archive Selection

Hand-makers from all over the world are still in awe at their beauty and pour over the level of craftsmanship that was painstakingly instilled pair by pair.

Crockett & Jones... Archive Selection

Jonathan Jones joined Crockett & Jones in the late 1970s. He stepped through the doors during troubled times and he required a highly focused mind to turn it around. His aspiration and inspiration came in the form of the finest shoe making the town had ever seen. Samples (below) from the Crockett & Jones archive have never been locked away and still remain on display for all to see and adore.

Crockett & Jones's early shoe making examples are simply incredible. Fortunately, they are in remarkable condition for the keen eye to appreciate and behold. Hand-makers from all over the world are in awe at their beauty and pour over the level of craftsmanship that was painstakingly instilled pair by pair. Unfortunately this level of shoe making cannot be replicated in a ready-to-wear collection today, but that does not mean our appreciation and aspiration to achieve fine shoes has changed one iota.

Side Button, Punched Cap

Blunt Wing, Brogue Oxford

Formal Wing-tip Brogue

Albert Slipper

A special mention must go to the Albert Slipper. This particular sample was awarded the 'Diploma D'Onore' - Turino 1911 for producing the worlds finest slipper. The leather section being cut from a single piece of leather.

Women's Side Button Boot

All of the above archive models are more than a century old and were featured, by Crockett & Jones, in a world shoe making fair/competition in Turin, 1911.

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