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Crockett & Jones Gifting... Accessories

Crockett & Jones Gifting... Accessories

At Crockett & Jones we believe that with great shoes comes great responsibility, therefore the maintenance of your investment is of the utmost importance. To help you on your way, we have selected a collection of bare essentials and guilty pleasures to treat a loved one (or yourself) to whatever the occasion.


The perfect collaboration to complement your choice Crockett & Jones pair of shoes, is a matching belt – available in Calf, Suede, Grain, Cordovan and Crocodile you can now precisely match your accessories with your shoes. Our belts are fully lined, expertly stitched and all feature a hand-finished buckle of the highest quality.

Travel Shoe Care Kit / Shoe Brushes

An accessory for the globetrotters, our Travel Shoe Care Kit is an essential for Ladies and Gentlemen on the go. Consisting of shoe and welt brushes, a cotton duster, 2 tins of wax polish and a brass shoe horn, all enclosed in a leather holdall. It will become your go-to accessory kit for whatever your shoes may come up against on the move.

To properly care for your C&J shoes we recommend you use two or three different types of brushes, which are available to purchase separately in three different sizes for your convenience. The first can be used to remove light dirt and dust from your shoes, whilst the second can be used to apply polish and the third for the removal of any excess polish after application.

Shoe Trees

Shoe trees are a vital accessory when caring for a pair of C&J shoes, available in both Men’s and Ladies sizes along with our Luxury Shoe trees (for lasts 337, 367, 348, 358 and 373), when used regularly they offer extensive benefits - excellent moisture absorbency to gradually dry your shoes from the inside out, they reduce creasing of the uppers whilst your shoes aren’t being worn, and they offer support whilst cleaning and polishing your shoes... which is of course a regular occurrence. Our luxury trees are also manufactured in Northamptonshire by UK's The ‘Last’ Man Standing.

Shoe Horns

Maintaining the perfect fit of your shoes is of fundamental importance, if the back part (Top Lines, Sides and Counter) of your pair become compromised this can often lead to a non-repairable issue. Our Abbeyhorn Shoe Horns provide a smooth surface to easily slip your foot into your shoes. Available in three convenient sizes 8”, 16” and 22”, these beautiful natural material shoe horns are an essential for preventing unnecessary damage to your C&J’s.

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