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Crockett & Jones Gifting... The Albert Slipper

Crockett & Jones Gifting... The Albert Slipper

There is no finer time of the year than now for the gift of a pair of Crockett & Jones Albert Slippers. Whether it is staying in on a cold night by the fire, surrounded by family or hosting a cocktail party at home with friends, we have a range of velvet Slippers for all occasions in Men's and Women's styles.

The History

The Albert Slipper, developed in the early 1800’s, is thought to be named after Queen Victoria’s consort Prince Albert. These slippers began as practical indoor shoes worn to protect wooden floors and expensive rugs from dirt and grime inside the grand homes of England. At the time of development, the Smoking Jacket was at the height of fashion resulting in the Albert Slipper becoming the footwear of choice for Victorian gentlemen hosting lavish dinner parties. Today, the Albert Slipper has proved it can stand the test of time by being regularly paired with Dinner Jackets and even seen at red carpet events.

The Style

Usually made from velvet, the upper of an Albert Slipper is a whole cut with the vamp extending up the instep to form a “tongue”. They sport a hard leather sole with extravagant quilted linings, typically wine or blue coloured. Whether you prefer a plain velvet embroidered style, our slippers are not to be overlooked. “Gold Work” adds a delicate and elegant originality to each slipper and the technique, which can only be done by hand, involves a very fine filament of gold or silver wire wound tightly around a metal spike to create a “spring” which is then cut and stitched intricately to create each design.

Slippers by Special Order

For those wanting to add a personal aspect to their pair of Crockett & Jones Albert Slippers we also offer a special order service. This enables a personalised embroidered emblem to be beautifully stitched into place on your choice pair. More information on this service can be found here.

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