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Crockett & Jones X Turnbull & Asser

Dean Gomilsek-Cole, Head of Design & Product Development at Turnbull & Asser, gives us the rundown on the pieces that Jonathan Jones and Steve Murdoch chose to wear during Crockett & Jones’ celebration of 20 years on Jermyn Street.

Crockett & Jones X Turnbull & Asser

A long standing relationship between Crockett & Jones and Turnbull & Asser came to the forefront of a recent promotion when our neighbours of 20 years helped provide a few choice items for a celebration of Crockett & Jones and Jermyn Street. So we have taken the opportunity to ask a few questions about Turnbull & Asser’s thoughts on Jermyn Street and what their thoughts are on the future of high quality Men’s retail.

Thank you for helping to provide the apparel for Jonathan and Steve, giving them the opportunity to celebrate, not only 20 years of Crockett & Jones on Jermyn Street, but also a 20 year long partnership working side-by-side. What items did they choose, and could you tell us about their choices?

Jonathan went for a variation on the classic blazer and trouser combination with a light blue, micro puppy-tooth weave shirt, featuring the signature Turnbull & Asser collar and three button cuff.

The Belmont Blazer is a compact cotton with a half lining in a slightly bolder blue than the classic Navy. This kind of style has become popular with the half lining making it far more breathable, and therefore comfortable, when worn during a London commute or in an office environment. The printed tie adds a dash of colour, but in a tasteful neat design plus matching colours in the pocket square shows Jonathan has the right balance of contemporary, but classic elements to his outfit.

Steve selected a subtle grey on grey windowpane suit in Merino wool, woven in Yorkshire and made by one of our tailoring partners in London. The key to wearing checked suits is to make sure the colours of the check are tonal, otherwise it gets too loud, Steve has selected a classic white shirt in a superfine two-fold 200 yarn count cotton with a double cuff, the plain white is a perfect complement to the check suit. A pattern would have almost certainly clashed.

He has selected accessories in deep magenta tones, with the lustre of the woven silk jacquard (woven in Suffolk) in contrast to the matt richness of the printed silk pocket square (printed in Macclesfield). All of our silk jacquards and printed are designed in-house and are exclusive to Turnbull & Asser. They are usually made in small runs of less than 12 pieces, making it a rarity to see two gents wearing the same pieces.

A different view is that ‘Made in England’ is an increasingly rare aspect to a Brand, and one that provides a valuable point of difference.

Crockett & Jones and Turnbull & Asser both have long histories on Jermyn Street, what do you think makes the street such an iconic destination for Men worldwide?

Jermyn Street has long been renowned for being ‘the’ street in which every Gentleman aspires to buy his shirts, in fact many of our customers may have a store selling our products in their own country, but prefer to travel to our Jermyn Street store to have the full ‘experience’. It’s interesting that in the world of instant access to product, via the internet, that there are still customers that prefer human interaction and go to great lengths to achieve it. I believe it is testament to the many businesses on the street that strive to maintain the reputation as ‘the’ destination for Gentlemen in London.

It gives Crockett & Jones and its staff great pleasure to share a street (and store room) with a well-respected brands such as T&A. Where Crockett & Jones are able to develop new rubber soles and expand its offering of casual styles such as ‘Chelsea 5 in Rough-out Suede’ (for example). How is Turnbull & Asser staying current, whilst remaining true to themselves in today’s fast paced world?

Although we were ‘born’ in the 19th century we are now working in the 21st, so our products have to balance the integrity and quality of over 130 years of history, but remain relevant to a modern consumer. For us it is all about staying ahead in terms of fabric innovation and design, and we are lucky enough to be able to design our exclusive cloths in partnership with some of the most advanced fabric mills, taking full advantage of their resources.

Many of our current fabrics are inspired by archive designs, some over 80 years old, but we have made them relevant by using 21st century yarns & weaving techniques that wouldn’t have been available 80 years ago.

Finally, not many brands are also manufacturers like Crockett & Jones and Turnbull & Asser are. C&J has its fair share of trials and tribulations (and costs) by remaining 100% ‘Made in England’. In a few words, can you tell us why ‘Made in England’ has also remained true to the T&A core?

In practical terms it is important to us to continue to support craftsmanship in England, as we have nearly 120 colleagues working across our shirt and tie making divisions. A different view is that ‘Made in England’ is an increasingly rare aspect to a Brand, and one that provides a valuable point of difference.

Our customers can rest easy knowing exactly where there shirts are being made, and can trust that every component has been carefully selected from sustainable sources, something that is becoming increasingly important in an often unseen world of mass production.

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