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Every day’s a school day…

Nigel Cleaver recalls his experiences of visiting our Crockett & Jones retail stores.

Every day’s a school day…

We live by a set of norms, some peculiar to us, some based on social niceties. In my profession we discuss some of these in order to frame an interpretation as accurately as possible. One key part of these studies is the consideration of Schemata Theory. When discussing this with undergraduates we acknowledge that we only instinctively understand these life lessons. One such example is going out for dinner…

If I arrange to visit a two-star Michelin restaurant my schema is set… I arrive, suitably attired and will be shown to our table by charming staff. Having chosen the wine, dinner is royally served and having thoroughly enjoyed the occasion the bill is paid leaving a generous tip. Now, should I decide that time is short I may (!) go to a fast-food outlet. I march in, order my food, pay, wait impatiently, eat and leave. If I use the wrong schema and wait to be shown to my table I’m likely to be waiting an awfully long time!

The warmest of welcomes is always afforded you as you pass through the green and gold frontage to a cathedral of polished shoes and boots...

My shoe buying schema is quite distinct too. Should I wish to buy a pair of England’s finest footwear the trip takes me to Crockett & Jones. My schema tells me to dress accordingly and scruffy socks just won’t do… Add to that the sartorial elegance of the well-heeled staff then of course standards must be maintained. The warmest of welcomes is always afforded you as you pass through the green and gold frontage to a cathedral of polished shoes and boots. What is clearly apparent is the thought, care and attention paid to the layout in this most convivial and atmospheric of stores. My eye is taken first by Tan Antique Calf Cavendish loafers to the highly polished Black toe-cap Audley, Tan or Dark Brown Scotch Country Grain Coniston's, suede Chukka boots and through to Velvet Albert Slippers ready to laze by the roaring fire on a winter’s evening… Always politely greeted I am allowed to peruse their wares at my leisure quickly realising there’s more, much more to add to my collection… The attentive staff will ask if I’m looking for anything in particular, I’ll take a seat and we will discuss the merits of suede, cordovan and generally any topic I choose which is normally this most quintessential of English shoemakers. Suitably educated and delightfully shod I leave with a spring in my step safe in the knowledge that I have ‘dined very well, very well indeed’!

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Nigel Cleaver

Nigel Cleaver

Academic, Freelance Writer, Customer & @ignoreatyourperil

Nigel (or Cleav as he is known to many), is an academic and experienced father of the world. Fascinated by menswear and the nuances that surround this fine topic, particularly Crockett & Jones, Nigel’s journey began with an innocent meeting with one of our own Mark Hill, Manager of Crockett & Jones Birmingham. Their shared passion helped light a fire that resulted in Nigel becoming a forerunner on the highly regarded StyleForum as well as an Instagram sensation of a totally organic nature. Another with exceptional C&J experience, Nigel will be our ‘Customer Authority’, discussing those interesting and probing questions that are in the minds of many.

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