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Davidsons Skomakeri, Sweden

We would like to introduce you to our extended family. This array of worldwide retailers are friends of the brand and faithful champions of our products and services.

Davidsons Skomakeri, Sweden

Davidsons Skomakeri is a nationally renowned cobbler and footwear retailer based in the centre of Uppsala, a famous university town. Specialising in Goodyear-welted men’s shoes from Crockett & Jones, the shop is beautifully furnished for an exclusive feeling, matching the class and sophistication of the shoes on offer. Paying close attention to the customer taking a “high service approach” by providing a very active role in shoe fitting, and post-sale aftercare through the offering of shoe care products and shoe care advice. This is illustrated in Davidson’s YouTube-channel where Marcus, the owner offers instructional videos about shoe care. All staff are award winning cobblers with a total of 1 Gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals in the national shoe repair competition held in Sweden. It’s quite safe to say that they ‘know their stuff’, and can offer a full repair service for all goodyear welted shoes, but C&J in particular.

Davidsons stock most styles from the Men’s Main Collection, and a number of special models (MTO’s). Taking pride and widely known as one of the best stocked dealers of Crockett & Jones in Sweden. Marcus gives us his thoughts on working with Crockett & Jones.

Davidsons Skomakeri AB


How long have you been working with Crockett & Jones?

After establishing myself in 1998, I quickly gained a following of customers and became well-known among the Goodyear-welted community for my passion and commitment to the production method. I introduced Crockett & Jones into my store in 2001 and have never looked back.

Why have you chosen to stock Crockett & Jones Shoes & Boots?

Crockett & Jones represents the highest level of shoemaking possible, regarding durability, beautiful ageing and comfort, to a very reasonable price. You can’t find better shoes, only more expensive, and my opinion is based on being a well-qualified shoe repairer!

That is why we are proud to offer our customers what we consider to be one of the best shoes in the world. We think Crockett & Jones has created a unique blend between a conservative, classic style and a more the more aggressive “fashion house style”. Imagine England and Italy had a baby shoe together. English quality mixed with Italian style. This is well illustrated with Last 348, one of the houses best sellers! Joking aside, Crockett & Jones has always representing a shoemaker who understand the past, but also looks to the future.

Which style(s) do you think is the most iconic from the Crockett & Jones Collection?

I would have to say Pembroke in Tan Scotch Country Grain, but my personal favourite is Tetbury you can wear it with almost anything if you own the both the calf and suede versions!

If you have any particularly fond memories of your time working with Crockett & Jones, we would love to hear and share them.

Visiting Crockett & Jones is somewhat of a pilgrimage for us Suedes and although they are less frequent these days, they were incredible fun. My fondest memories are all the visits to the factory, they have been truly wonderful experiences. A particularly amusing memory was when playing snooker with Mr. Jones at the Northampton club, and realising that he was just as bad at snooker as I was… it was quite refreshing and amusing in equal measures!

Vaksalagatan 14 ,75320, Uppsala, Sweden | @davidsonsskomakeri

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