Crockett & Jones

Fulham, Madrid, Spain.

We would like to introduce you to our extended family. This array of worldwide retailers are friends of the brand and faithful champions of our products and services.

Fulham, Madrid, Spain.

During these time of turmoil, we believe it is important to continue to celebrate our extended family – long-standing relationships are here to remain. Retailers around the world are battening down the hatches until further news from their governments allows otherwise. We will, like many business, are already preparing for the real pressures of this dramatic global and economic slowdown, but the fight to continue remains defiant throughout our factory staff, retail staff and extended family of retailers. Defiance within the realms of upholding the respects of our customers and our government recommendations.

Our extended family are important to us at it is time like these that remind us how important they are. There is none more so that Pelayo and his family who have built a beautiful retail space (now three) in Madrid, Spain. When Pelayo is not on the golf course, or perfecting his back swing at the driving range, he is curating a wonderful selection of high quality menswear brands including Crockett & Jones shoes. His dedication towards Crockett & Jones now enters its 14th year.

If you find yourself in the incredible City of Madrid, be sure to stop by to cheer on another bastion of Crockett & Jones.



Fulham are a multi-brand store of casual clothes, shoes & accessories, purely focused on selecting quality and high value products for a slightly traditional man who follows trends but wants the more exclusive products. Our added value, beyond the good choice of brands that we offer, is the right selection from with their collections. A selection that has to be consistent with the taste of our loyal clients. We opened our flagship shop in 2007 and we have not stopped growing. Now we have three stores in the most exclusive areas of Madrid, in addition to a very successful online store.

How long have you been working with Crockett & Jones?

We have been working with Crockett & Jones from the beginning (since 2007). We started with a small collection, very different to the large selection we have now. From the beginning we knew that Crockett & Jones would fit perfectly in our store.

Why have you chosen to stock Crockett & Jones Shoes & Boots?

We looked for a classic shoe brand that combined quality, tradition and good taste. We believe in quality, and that this is the most important thing for men to consider when buying good shoes, Crockett & Jones were the perfect brand for us. When we undertook our brand research, it didn't take us long to realise that Crockett & Jones was going to be our partner for many years to come. And we were not mistaken!

Which style(s) do you think is the most iconic from the Crockett & Jones Collection?

Probably, the Connaught: it is a very elegant, classic English and the perfect model both to go to work wearing suit and ceremonies. Also, the Boston, extremely versatile and the most demanded loafers in across our stores. But I could also name the Grasmere, the Coniston, the Chelsea, the Bradford ... We think that each style category has one or two iconic models.

If you have any particularly fond memories of your time working with Crockett & Jones, we would love to hear and share them.

We remember fondly our visit to the Crockett & Jones factory. Visiting the factory and seeing the manufacturing process is very important to convey the spirit of the brand to our customers. We really enjoyed gaining knowledge of the shoe manufacturing process and meeting those special individuals who make this brand one of the best in the world.

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