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From Retail Around the World - 92 Jermyn Street

Undoubtedly, Nathan and Daniel are two of our best dressed Assistant Managers. Certainly, they more than do their bit to fly the flag for Great British style at what is perhaps the best known Crockett & Jones store of all

From Retail Around the World - 92 Jermyn Street
Give us some context. When did you both join Crockett & Jones?

Nathan: I joined seven years ago – I’ve given my youth to this place! I would have been 22 or 23-years-old. I previously owned some shoes from another well-known maker, which was my first experience of Goodyear-welted shoes and most certainly my first steps towards owning a pair of Crockett & Jones. I applied to Crockett & Jones in 2012, because I admired the company’s values; quality, understatement, and the fact that it’s family run.

Dan: I joined in August 2014. Previously, I worked in House of Cashmere on the Burlington Arcade, across the way. While working there, I bought my first pair of Crockett & Jones shoes in the Burlington Arcade shop; Cavendish in Polo Brown Suede, and I got hooked. When a role came up in the Burlington Arcade store I applied and got the job, and after three months there transferred to 92 Jermyn Street.

Is there such a thing as an average day at No.92?

N: Not really, our work is too varied to become routine. I love working with the product we have here; our collections are so broad that you can’t ever get bored. The clients make this job special too – you get a real insight into someone’s personality when they use our made-to-order programme.

D: Nope, quite the opposite. We meet so many customers from different parts of the world in this job; meeting colourful characters is one of the most enjoyable parts of what we do. You’d think that on Jermyn Street our customers are primarily older gentlemen, but we have a younger customer visiting us too. We get a lot of guys coming to buy shoes because they’ve had a pair of C&Js handed down by their father, which is always lovely to hear.

Any stand-out stories serving customers in the shop then?

N: We had a gentleman come in and order fuchsia suede Chelsea boots with white gussets around a year ago. When we first released that suede colour I thought, ‘who is ever going to order that?’ And yet, once that gentlemen had ordered his pair, another customer came in and ordered exactly the same thing just a few months later. So, there are two strangers out there with the same fuchsia suede Chelsea boots on! In the shop, we all wonder if they’ll ever meet…

D: I remember when we made Daniel Craig’s shoes for Spectre and Skyfall, we were swamped with James Bond fans for months afterwards – way more than we expected. That was a fun time in the shop. We couldn’t keep the styles Craig wore in-stock, and none of us expected the kind of response we had.

Now, the impossible question: if you could only own one pair of C&Js, what would they be?

N: The stereotypical answer is a pair of versatile black Oxfords like the Connaught, but I’m not going to say that. Instead, for me, the most useful shoes we make are the Cavendish tassel loafer – nothing could be easier to wear. The Cavendish is understated, but it just has a touch of flair to it.

D: I think it’s the Galway boot for me; they’re similar to the Coniston but they’re made on the 325 last, which is the best fitting last for my feet. It’s a rustic boot, but easy to dress up or down. Mine have worn-in beautifully too.

And finally, have you got your eyes on anything from the new season collection?

N: I’m a big fan of the Ross boot in Hurricane Hide, with its green suede collar. I’ve been holding out for the company to make a pair of really heavy duty boots like these, and finally, we have.

D: It’s the new season Pembroke brogues in Cordovan for me – all four colours, the black, dark brown, burgundy and the whisky look really sharp – I think a lot of C&J staff have got their eyes on these.

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