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Gentleman Of Jermyn Street, The Tweed Run 2015

Alright I admit it, there have been occasions in my less than illustrious past when some insensitive soul has suggested in the most unceremonious fashion that the Gentleman of Jermyn Street 'Get on his bike!'. So that is exactly what I decided to do…

Gentleman Of Jermyn Street, The Tweed Run 2015

My good self and 500 of my closest chums partook in the glorious ‘TWEED RUN’ and spent the most delightful day perambulating through the Metropolis.


Behold more Tweed than on the Isle of Harris and absolutely acres of, well groomed, facial hair. Chaps, Chapesses (no it's not in the dictionary. I made it up) and Chapettes (minus the facial hair) a plenty. Just the jolliest jaunt one could ever have in a pair of a britches.

Yes I know that I resemble a sort of be-tweeded caped crusader! What Larks! Bless all your little tweedy hearts and please join me next year as I'm planning the outfit already. Are you Chap enough for the Tweed Run?

The Tweed Run is a quirky event where participants don their finest tweeds and brogues and cycle through London, stopping along the way to have tea and picnics ending with a good old fashioned ‘Knees-up!’ in the afternoon.


The first Tweed Run began in 2009 with 300 tweed clad cyclists gathered at the top of London’s Saville row on a chilly February morning. Since then the tweed run has grown from a small guerrilla event to an event that has captured the imagination of the fashion world and cycling enthusiasts around the globe. Today tweed runs are hosted all around the globe but the flagship event has and always will be the London Tweed Run.

For more information about the Tweed Run and how you can sign up, you can visit their website here -

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