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Inside Pitti Uomo (part 2)

The Jackal’s Aleks Cvetkovic brings you his Pitti Uomo street style highlights, with photography by Jamie Ferguson

Inside Pitti Uomo (part 2)
Tassel / Penny Loafers

The timeless loafer seldom goes out of style, but lightweight, comfortable suede tassel loafers are nevertheless having a moment. In tobacco or tan suede, they’re as wearable as can be – and they’ll sit comfortably beneath either tailoring, casualwear or even your new cropped, pleated chinos – this last choice being a particularly prevalent look at Pitti Uomo. See Crockett & Jones’ swish suede Cavendish loafers (which come in a variety of classic colours in both suede and calf) if you want to get in on the trend. As always, be sure to match your belt and watch strap to the colour of your shoes. Tan suede loafers means tan braided belt and mid-brown watch strap, too. If a Tassel doesn't tickle your fancy... There is always the fall-back of all fall-back's, The Boston (or The Harvard, if unlined is preferred).

Summer Denim

An easy way to mix some workwear into your summer wardrobe is to embrace summer denim and chambray. Washed-out pale blue colours are pleasingly utilitarian, and easy to wear when the heat’s on. We saw plenty of men in denim (some even in double denim, which is definitely a thing), this time around. The key when wearing any denim in summer is to keep the weight of the fabric as light as possible – especially for denim shirts – and avoid stiff or unwashed fabrics for something that’s been broken in. It’ll be that bit more comfortable to wear, and the dye won’t run if you do overheat.

Nouveau Ivy

Props to Mr Ferguson for spotting this one. Lots of the more tailored attendees of Pitti 94 were working clear collegiate touches through their clothes; navy double-breasted blazers with gilt buttons, silk repp and college stripe ties, Oxford button-down shirts, or accessories with art deco motifs were plentiful to see. This is an easy trend to touch on in your own wardrobe – look for ties with geometric patterns, or old-school stripes, and make sure you’re finishing your look with some of Crockett and Jones' finest penny loafers, or proper chunky brogues. The Harvard II loafer in camel suede is a no-brainer this summer.

Tobacco linen

A mainstay of the stylish man’s summer wardrobe, tobacco linen tailoring is in. Lots of tailors around town have been reporting an increased demand for the stuff this season, and there was plenty to see during the trade fair. Whether generous, flowing tobacco linen trousers, or crisp Irish linen suits, this is another easy trend to work into your summer wardrobe. The joy of tobacco tailoring is that it’s both easy to wear and a timeless choice. Treat yourself to a pair of new tobacco chinos, and you’ll wear them season-in, season-out, and while a mid-brown linen suit isn’t for everyone, it’s a great showpiece for summer parties or weddings. Just make sure yours is suitably louche…

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