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Lasting Variations... 337

Lasting variations is a proving ground for a Last, highlighting its capacity for multiple styles, paving the way for customer loyalty, through fitting confidence and consistency.

Lasting Variations... 337

Our next last choice for our ‘Lasting Variations’ series is 337, with a little 367 thrown in for good old development measure! The 337 is best known for Hand Grade oxford's and often described as C&J's most recognisable classic last. One of the most notable styles on 337 is Audley, available in Black Calf and Dark Brown Antique Calf.  This Oxford is particularly popular with our Japanese customers and is still one of our best-selling classics from the Hand Grade Collection, after near two decades in the making! Also formed on last 337 is our 'punch cap' Belgrave, available in Black Calf and rich Chestnut Antique Calf colourways.

Today, the collection available on 337 has been trimmed to just the two iconic and timeless styles, making way for its updated form, Last 367. This new rendition offers our modern day back-part that can be found across all of the more recent lasts, whilst keeping the traditional looking fore-part firmly intact. We added a little toe depth, but nothing too noticeable.

Last 337 will always be the original Hand Grade powerhouse, proving itself over time to remain one of the most important lasts in our Hand Grade Collection, but for those with a slightly narrower heel that like a snug fit, there is no ignoring the 367.

Last 337

Date of Origin: May 2001

Last 337 is a Hand Grade Collection last with a soft square toe. Deemed a forward thinking last of its time, 337 was one of the longer lasts on offer from Crockett & Jones at the turn of the century. With the likes of last 358 and 373, Crockett & Jones would now classify last 337 as one of the more classic toe shapes on offer that still proves popular today. The 337 collection has been steadily reduced with the introduction of more up-to-date lasts, although we do continue to make a core collection of English classics.

Last 367

Date of Origin: January 2016

Last 367 is a Hand Grade Collection last with a soft square toe. Originally developed for the Japanese market, 367 is an updated version of the much celebrated 337. Last No.337 was deemed a forward thinking last of its time, being one of the longer more extreme lasts on offer. Last 367 offers the same, soft square toe but also features a 'clipped' heel or back-part. Technically a superior last, it forms its origins in great company following the successes of its fore-part (from 337) and back-part (from 363).

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Fitting advice from retail… Last 337 fits similarly to Last 348. Aesthetically it is a slightly softer version of the 348 and 373 lasts.

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