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Made in Northampton, England.

Academic and Instagram sensation Nigel Cleaver talks us through his views of the importance of buying British.

Made in Northampton, England.

If you’re looking for quality and value in a pair of shoes that will be made well enough to subsequently outlive you then I would suggest that you buy English shoes. Unashamedly the vast majority of my shoe and boot collection is made in England, so I do appreciate you might expect me to say that. Why wouldn’t I though having grown up in the Shires of England? I do have my reasons…

Quality, value and the balance between them is so important yet it really is a dying entity, unless you know where to look of course.

In purchasing a pair of English shoes, made in Northampton naturally, we are buying a share of history. We are buying a pair of shoes built, in every sense of the word, on a heritage. Time-honoured skills honed over centuries, skills passed on through the generations from craftsmen to craftsmen producing shoes of distinction. Made to be worn, fit for purpose and fit for life.

Investing in shoes that will not just stand the test of time but will also age beautifully affords us the satisfaction of supporting those in the industry who have refused to turn their backs on quality. Family owned, forged on tradition, yet forever evolving Crockett & Jones ticks all of those boxes and more. A walk to the factory through streets of terraced houses you quickly feel the hand of history guiding you as it did the shoemakers of yesteryear. Turning the corner into Perry Street the seemingly endless terraced houses are punctuated only by the hints of something different, the impressive red brick factory, green factory gates, the discerning main entrance and the discrete masonry offering the home of ‘Crockett & Jones, 1879’. Open the doors and the atmosphere is palpable, the aroma unmistakable and passion abounds.

The self same feeling on opening that shoe box wherever we are in the world, a little piece of English heritage dressed in green and gold.

Buying British, buying Northampton made, buying Crockett & Jones is as honest a purchase that one can make for quality footwear. So much so that if given the appropriate care, the shoes may well outlive you and you’ll never need to buy another pair of shoes again. Hang on, never buy another pair of shoes again? Did I really say that…

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Words by

Nigel Cleaver

Nigel Cleaver

Academic, Freelance Writer, Customer & @ignoreatyourperil

Nigel (or Cleav as he is known to many), is an academic and experienced father of the world. Fascinated by menswear and the nuances that surround this fine topic, particularly Crockett & Jones, Nigel’s journey began with an innocent meeting with one of our own Mark Hill, Manager of Crockett & Jones Birmingham. Their shared passion helped light a fire that resulted in Nigel becoming a forerunner on the highly regarded StyleForum as well as an Instagram sensation of a totally organic nature. Another with exceptional C&J experience, Nigel will be our ‘Customer Authority’, discussing those interesting and probing questions that are in the minds of many.

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