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Pitti UOMO 97

To Florence we must go. Our biannual trade show comes around quickly and as with every start to a New Year, we are in the thick of it straight away. Pitti UOMO is upon us once again.

Pitti UOMO 97

This January, we are showcasing samples that have been conjured up for our wholesale customers from all over the globe to pour over and that will also feed into our own retail collection later in the year. As Pitti is a trade show, we cannot divulge too many secrets. As a teaser, this season sees the return of the ‘Notched Storm-Welt’. The rest, you will have to wait until our retailers and our retail stores release their collections in September this year!

The winter editions of Pitti UOMO always brings with it plenty of interest. The weather is of course still cold enough for the winter clobber and C&J boots to be on show… and on show they will be! The main quadrant will be crammed to the sky blue rafters (its outside!) with menswear enthusiasts and influencers. It will be interesting to see if recent press around the ‘end of an influencer era’ will have impacted on this busy paparazzi filled square.

The big brands will be on show in vast numbers, but we like to think it is the smaller, more organic manufacturers that truly make Pitti great. Watching and listening to buyers discovering new items from manufacturers most end-consumers will never have heard of, is fascinating. Proof that across the world, whilst business is tough for many brands, confidence in the menswear remains constant.

For those who are unaware of what Pitti UOMO is, it is not a catwalk or a fashion show. Hundreds of trade stands house hundreds of manufacturers and brands from every corner of the globe fighting hard to fill their factories with orders for the coming season. Times have changed for the now famous Pitti UOMO. Today, the show is drastically different than it once was, now helping manufacturers become brands in their own right. The now substantial and highly respected media presence at Pitti has added to the melting pot of menswear. All are free to roam, network and share a common theme; their interest and passion for menswear. Ultimately, Pitti UOMO is still a mecca for wholesale buying and selling, providing a real life window of forward planning for fashions and trends from the smallest to the largest menswear retailers on the planet.

As ever, open arms will be welcoming whole customers from Japan, Europe and the U.S.A retailers, amongst a few other from ROW. Friends of the media will come by to absorb any new styles for Instagram stories, talk about the coming season for future editorial and to steel our water (you know who you are). No, the bar is not arriving this year either!

Pitti is frantic, but trading around the world is tough. This very important trade show will provide a critical insight into what will come for 2020 for almost all who attend. Fortunately (or was it planned) Crockett & Jones produce a rather timeless product. We also continue to offer exceptional value for money as the brand continues to steadily go from strength to strength. During these tougher trading years our long-term pragmatic approach really pays off, but not without our customer’s commitment.

If you are visiting this year, we look forward to seeing you.

C&J Team!

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