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Shoes & Styles: The Black Editions

In the first of a new series, shoes & styles, we curated looks together to showcase the versatility of the Crockett & Jones collection.

Shoes & Styles: The Black Editions

The Black Editions are no ordinary Northampton-made shoes. They are an attitude-laced statement; Crockett & Jones footwear made to the same meticulous standards as the rest of our collection, but with a confident, directional look – proof that even a 140-year-old shoemaker can keep pace with notions of 'fashion'. We might be a traditional manufacturer, but we’re not stuck in the past, the strength of Crockett & Jones is to blend the old, with the new.

Chunky soles have been growing in popularity for the past few Autumn/Winter seasons, and these three pairs of shoes build on last winter’s original trio of The Black Editions. All The Black Editions’ cleated rubber soles are sourced from Vibram in Italy, because they’re a specialist manufacturer like us, and we know that we can trust their quality. When it comes to wearing them, robust footwear like this works well styled with rugged casual trousers and heritage workwear, and that’s exactly what we’ve done here.

First up, let’s tackle the elephant in the room. Yes, we have dressed the Henley III loafers with white socks. This is a look inspired by our sharply-shod Japanese customers, and inspiration for the collection, who pull off monochromatic shoe and sock pairings like no one else. It also acknowledges current trends in designer menswear more generally; white socks are enjoying a come-back paired with dark loafers – it’s a 1960s-inspired look that nods to the Teddy Boys and the Mods. We know it’s not for everyone, but with Henley III’s polished cavalry calf uppers this is a sharp, contemporary look. The two are bound together by dark denim jeans from Hiut Denim, lovingly made by Hiut’s team of ‘Grand Masters’ (that’s the name they give to their long-serving seamstresses) in Cardigan, Wales.

Next, we come to a new interpretation of a Crockett & Jones icon: the Coniston derby boot. The Black Editions’ version is lasted in our signature rough-out suede and its mottled matte black finish also lends itself to wearing with dark jeans – the thicker the turn-ups the better. In its earliest guise, Coniston is a robust country-going boot, which makes it a natural partner for workwear today; wear with washed chambray shirts and canvas or corduroy chore jackets in rich, earthy colours for a wintery look that’s true to Coniston’s hard-working heritage.

And finally, continuing our dramatic black-and-white pairings, we’ve dressed The Black Editions’ Pembroke brogue with striking off-white selvedge Japanese needlecord trousers from Drake’s. In Black Scotch Grain with dynamic-looking brogueing, Pembroke has the surface interest to stand up to a bold pair of trousers like these, and we’ve contrasted the polished black leather against a dark red pair of mottled Lisle cotton socks from the London Sock Co. The deep red socks also pick up the flash of red selvedge in the cords’ turn-ups – a nice finishing touch.

The Black Editions are confident, self-assured shoes, and benefit from similarly confident styling. Don’t be afraid to experiment with some winter-white, or some chunky jeans; put a look like this together and you’ll feel indestructible – no matter the time or place.

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