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Spring Line Visit - The 'Last' Man Standing

‘The Last Man Standing’. A genuinely humbling accolade to the very special and 'last' remaining last manufacturer in Great Britain today...

Spring Line Visit - The 'Last' Man Standing

Spring Line are just one of many successful companies who continue to serve the long standing and world renowned Northampton shoe trade, an industry that dates back centuries. Their skill, craftsmanship and determination to continue their expertise is well known throughout the industry, providing major manufacturers, brands and the occasional celebrity with a high quality product.

Spring Line have been working with Crockett & Jones for more than 15 years and we continue to build on a strong relationship, which involves the secretive world of last making. The signature of a Shoe Manufacturer.


"Nailing the feather line ensures the original model doesn't get damaged in the factory. It also happens to look great!"


"This image is of their ingenious way of adjusting the pitch of the last."


"Awaiting their fate. Shoe trees and lasts begin as rough blocks, before they visit the varying grades of cutters in Spring Lines mesmerising lathes."


"The first cut. An aggressive lathe follows the original model whilst cutting excess wood from the block to form a general shape."


"After the fore-part is cut from the back-part, it is then pinned and sprung to form a hinge that enable shoe manufacturers to slip the last at the end of our manufacturing process."


"Toe plates are attached to preserve the toe of our lasts. This lengthens their life span and ensures our toe shapes turn out as intended."


"An offset blade tares through the back of the last to give a near perfect curve for us to mould our back-part to, for a perfect fit."


"Our finished, luxury shoe trees happened to be nearing the end of production. Good to do a spot of ‘just in time’ quality checking!"


"The most appropriate of lamps we have ever seen, and a fitting end to a wonderful tour of Spring Line. The Last Man Standing."

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