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SS16 Details... Winston

SS16 Details... Winston

The Details - Winston

Arguably the most sophisticated addition to the Crockett & Jones Spring Summer 2016 collection is Winston. Winston is a balmoral monk style shoe which has been created with opulence in mind. With a single silver buckle for added refinement, coupled with the signature Hand Grade 'Bark Tanned' soles. Colour options of Black Calf and Chestnut Antique Calf are available, making Winston a worthy addition for any gentleman’s wardrobe.


From The Archives - 1924

Found in the ‘Athletic goods for Sports & Pastimes’ section of the 1924 Crockett & Jones ‘Health and Elite Footwear’ catalogue, is Model No.215. It is described, as being a Gent’s “Elite” Cycling shoe! This illustrious catalogue also features the likes of “Elite” football, Cricket, Running, Racing and Field boots. As quoted in the introduction of this catalogue ‘We are prepared however, to make any kind of footwear that may be required for every kind of use, and for all climates, introducing styles and shapes to suit the trade of each district.’


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