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SS16 The Details... Balfour

SS16 The Details... Balfour

The Details - Balfour

Joining the Crockett & Jones Handgrade collection for Spring Summer 2016 is Balfour. Balfour is a hand stitched apron derby shoe made from the finest calf leather and accompanied by the signature Handgrade bark tanned, double leather soles. The uppers are expertly stitched by our highly skilled resident hand sewer, a process being so labour intensive, he can only craft up to three pairs per day.


From The Archives - 1958

By and large, many styles that we remain so passionate about today often have decades of experience under their wings (even if not a full-brogue) and the ‘Split-toe’ or Algonquin Derby is no different. Pictured here from the archives, is a prevalent Derby from our 1958 men’s catalogue. Named M782-11 the poor soul was not blessed with a name like today’s modern equivalents, but made on a last we still use today – Last 228 – it really does show that absolute style is timeless... As the 50+ year old description details; A Fine Shoe for a Gentlemen. Who are we to disagree.


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