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SS18 Details… Egerton

SS18 Details… Egerton

Egerton, an oxford style with an 'austerity' u-throat and straight toe cap design. Made using the finest calf leather with bark tanned single leather soles. From the Hand Grade collection.

Egerton | Black Calf | Crockett & Jones

Last 367

Produced in 2016. Last 367 is a Hand Grade Collection last with a soft square toe. Originally developed for the Japanese market, 367 is an updated version of the much celebrated 337. Last No.337 was deemed a forward thinking last of its time, being one of the longer more extremely lasts on offer. Last 367 offers the same, soft square toe but also features a 'clipped' heel or back-part. Technically a superior last, it forms its origins in great company following the successes of its fore-part (from 337) and back-part (from 363).

Egerton | Tan Antique Calf | Crockett & Jones

Crockett & Jones. Egerton

Did you know?

The heel of Egerton has a bevelled inside corner, as seen in the below image. This was traditionally done to stop a gentleman’s trousers catching on the heel of his shoe.

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