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SS19 Details... Flore III

SS19 Details... Flore III

Flore 3, an unlined monk shoe made from the softest suede on last 377 from THE SUMMER LINE. Developed to offer new levels of comfort with the use of an all-natural Crepe rubber sole.

Flore 3 | Snuff Suede | Crockett & Jones

Last 377

Produced in June 2016. Last 377 is a Main Collection last, taking a hint of inspiration from the quirky 359. With the excellent fitting qualities of our more recent lasts, development of the 377 last is no different. Another extremely comfortable and distinctly unique last that has a shortened stick length, slimmer back-part and ‘tweaked’ toe shape (than 359). All resulting in an asymmetric, round toed and characterful last, with notions of classic English shoemaking offering a slightly broader appearance in the forepart.

flore 3 | Snuff Suede | Crockett & Jones

Did you know?

Natural Crepe is the purest form of latex rubber. It is a curious material that brings casual comfort to high quality craftsmanship. Lightweight, extremely soft and flexible. A wonder of the natural world, raw latex is tapped directly from a rubber tree, in a process that leaves the trees unharmed and able to produce for decades to come.

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