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Summer Soles

Footwear takes up a good chunk of suitcase space, says Hetty Lintell (née Chidwick), so make your shoes work extra hard for you as the ultimate multi-taskers.

Summer Soles

This summer I have mastered mini-break packing down to a fine art. There is nothing I enjoy more than a quick weekend away—city or beach, I’m not fussy. These early summer months have played host to a few mini-breaks abroad, but since the weather has been so glorious in the UK, I need much the same packing for a weekend trip to the Cotswolds too (and no need for the annoying liquid decanting).

For some trips you’ll need more—city-breaks, destination weddings, and other trips that may have dress codes to adhere to. Planning is key, and obsessive weather checking, too, of course. If you’re bound for the beach, then packing is lighter and, if you’re anything like me, there’s always that ‘find’ in a market or local boutique that you’ll need return space for. June 2, 2018 was a heavenly day for us, being our wedding day. We set off for a ‘mini-moon’ the day after, and ended up on Capri, and then in Positano, two of my favourite places on the planet. Food, wine, views (and more wine) were the icing on the wedding cake for what had been a dreamy few weeks. Packing had been hard as my husband miraculously kept our destination top secret, but luckily I am an accessories girl. Huge earrings from Laurence Coste (Walton Street and Sloane Street) went in, some wedge espadrilles from Castañer via Net-a-Porter, and then some flats that could double for evening and daytime exploring. Multi-tasking is a serious job for your wardrobe when packing light: I take three pairs of shoes max. A wedge heel, a flat sandal (try Rae Feather) or flip-flop (they’re having a renaissance, apparently, and pack oh so easily), and Crockett & Jones’ Moon & Stars slippers in oatmeal linen—my perfect summer find. Their colour tones work with everything for every holiday eventuality—from sandy beach to city street, and beyond. I can wear these with shorts and a t-shirt, a long, smart evening dress, and even a floaty beach cover-up—the linen lends itself to casual wear, but the moon and stars give evenings a twinkle (I’d love them to do these in metallic…). As an aside—and as a newlywed—I think they would be the perfect bridal shoes for evening dancing, once high-heels became too much. The ultimate all-rounder, and a pair that will surely get better with age, these will have plenty of stories to tell. If only shoes could talk, mine would have a lot to say.

...their colour tones work for every holiday eventuality—from sandy beach to city street, and beyond.

Top packing tips:

Roll, don’t fold, your clothes—they really are less creased when you unpack.

Wear as much as possible on the plane, especially coats and jumpers, to save suitcase space. If it’s too warm, tie them round your waist.

Choose a lightweight suitcase—my favourites are from TUMI—you don’t want half your weight allowance taken up by the case itself.

Pack socks, jewellery rolls, spare sunglasses, etc., into your shoes—this saves space and protects them.

Unscrew the lids of liquids and cover the top with clingfilm, then replace the lid. This will prevent leaks.

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Hetty Lintell

Hetty Lintell

Luxury Editor at Country Life

Hetty Lintell (née Chidwick) is the ‘go-to’ for advice, offering an insight in London’s luxury brands for both Men and Women. Her experience is vast, and her knowledge of her chosen field, unrivalled. Hetty has always been an advocate of Crockett & Jones and its approach to the luxury market, keeping a healthy balance between quality, price and style. She is loved by all who meet her and will be representing Women of all tastes, kindly agreeing to be a guest writers for 2018.

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