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The Essentials... Dress Down

The Essentials... Dress Down

In the more casual times we find ourselves living in today, standards must be upheld... who said you can't slip on your Crockett & Jones shoes to... put the bins out! Light-heartedness aside, casual wear and separates have accelerated over the past decade with the rise of independent haberdashery's popping up and thriving in the coolest nooks and crannies of the most stylish cities. Fuelled by their social media followings and simple but effect business plans you can't help but be impressed by their creativity. But (there is always a but) even the most learned of them couldn't predict what was to come in 2020!

Now... there lies the auspiciousness of footwear that remains the very definition of the word - Timeless. Seasonality is always considered, but it is not at the forefront of our development discussions. No, we are not lazy or lacking in knowledge, we are pragmatic and subservient to our customer's requirements, forever flexing our grey matter with shoes & boots in waiting, ready to tend to your hour of need.

Whether dressing up or dressing down, we have a style to fit the bill. Less predictably we have chosen no suede, instead going with some serious full grain contenders from our Men’s Main Collection that we all agree can be dressed down during the chillier months. A versatile quintet of iconic styles with timelessness coursing through their grains (sorry!).

There is a style below for every Crockett & Jones customer whiling themselves to remain well-shod in their less formal attire. Starting with Pembroke and Islay

Pembroke Tan Scotch Country Grain

Our iconic full brogue wing tip Derby, Pembroke, is an ideal candidate to dress down this season. With country style routes on our 325 last, Pembroke features a medium round toe whilst offering plenty of room in the fore-part, perfect for thicker socks in the colder months. Chosen here in Tan Scotch Country Grain, a versatile colourway, Pembroke also sports a Dainite rubber sole and a storm welt for added water resistance.

Islay Dark Brown Scotch Country Grain

Another full brogue favourite is our high leg derby boot Islay, this time in Dark Brown Scotch Country Grain. Islay cemented itself into Crockett & Jones’s legacy from its appearance in the James Bond film Skyfall, with Daniel Craig proudly wearing his pair in the last scene in the Scottish Highlands. Often seen styled with a pair of jeans by our loyal customers on our #madetobeworn campaign, Islay is the perfect weekend boot for the winter months.

Boston Dark Brown Country Calf

Maybe an unexpected choice to stumble upon in this article, Boston is our next style to dress down. At Crockett & Jones we believe that a loafer is a perfectly acceptable style choice whatever the time of year, especially in our grain leathers. Boston, on our round toed 314 last, also features our ‘City’ rubber sole making it a perfect winter loafer choice, as Aleks Cvetkovic also agrees in his ‘winter loafer’ article here.

Ashdown Dark Brown Country Calf Grain

Alongside Pembroke is a second iconic derby to add to your dress down collection, Ashdown in Dark Brown Country Calf Grain. This plain fronted derby shoe offers a more understated look, perfect for the more casual minded Crockett & Jones wearer. Lasted on our more traditional 341 last, Ashdown sports a medium round toe with Dainite rubber soles and a storm welt for added water resistance.

Chelsea 5 Dark Brown Wax Calf

The perfect slip-on boot for many occasions, Chelsea 5 stands its ground as one of our most loved styles in the Men’s Main Collection. Here, chosen in Dark Brown Wax Calf, Chelsea 5 will be your perfect companion for you weekend dog walk, pub attire or even the more casual working environment we find ourselves currently living in. Another style set on the Dainite rubber sole, again with a storm welt, Chelsea 5 is a heavy but stylish boot.

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