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The Icons - Cavendish

Our signature tassel loafer has been a key player in the Crockett & Jones collection for years, perfect for business or pleasure. We’re pleased to say that our customers seem to think so too.

The Icons - Cavendish

There’s just something about tassel loafers, isn’t there? They strike the perfect balance between showing off some character and being suitably easy to wear. Foremost among tassel loafers is of course the Crockett & Jones Cavendish, a style that we have offered to stylish men across the world since 1987, after it replaced Madison at the end of ’86. Madison was also a tassel but made on the older and now redundant 290 last. Throughout its 33 years of success, Cavendish has seen three lasts during it tenure; the original on Last 72, Cavendish 2 on the 325 last and the latest version which mainly sells in Asia due to its tighter heel fitting, Cavendish 3 on the 375. To confuse matters, Cavendish 2 on 325 became so popular that we decided to drop the 2!

The Cavendish shares its last with the shoe that opened this Icons series, Pembroke, but it strikes an altogether different note to a country brogue with its stitched apron and slimming profile on the foot. Nevertheless, fans of the 325 will be well aware of its superior fit and comfort factor; increased toe depth and good heel clippage contribute to a last that works perfectly for a loafer style that you can wear throughout the week, every week.

As always, there’s no better way to prove this point than to look to our customers, who frequently showcase how to dress Cavendish up or down with gusto. Here, we’ve chosen four standout looks submitted to us recently for our #MadeToBeWorn campagin.

First up, let’s look at some smarter options. The Cavendish in Black or Dark Brown Calf is a go-to office shoe – perfect for business casual, or even most City dress codes these days. So too is Cavendish in Burgundy Shell Cordovan, which adds a dressy finishing touch to a tailored look. With this in mind, @thenordicfit’s lovely pairing of French navy trousers with fine-gauge maroon ribbed socks and Cavendish in Cordovan is a sure-fire winner. Whether the trousers form part of a blue two-piece suit, or contrast with a checked sports jacket on top, navy and burgundy seldom fails to look sharp, and we think the close pairing of shoe and sock makes for a chic business look.

Elsewhere, @aleksjj takes a different approach; dressing up Cavendish in Dark Brown Pebble Grain leather, finished with rubber City Soles. While grain leathers are usually associated with country shoes, the addition of smart bottle green socks and grey fresco trousers lift this popular take on the Cavendish into office-ready territory. No doubt Aleks has finished his look with a crisp navy blazer on top, for a classic smart-casual look. We approve of the healthy turn-ups on the trousers too.

Next up, @adnatt proffers a playful, relaxed take on another favourite; Cavendish in Polo Brown Calf Suede. This model is perhaps the most striking of all the Cavendish models with its rich, rusty colouring and smooth suede uppers. Pink and cream patterned socks reflect the warm colour of the suede itself, and tie in a pair of white cotton chinos. With a canvas work jacket or overshirt on top, this is a great casual take on one of our most popular loafers, and most popular suede colours.

Rounding off this stylish series is @datinventory, who puts a fresh spin on Cavendish in Dark Brown Burnished Calf, breathing new life into a timeless classic. This look feels modern and clean with its tonal approach, as cream knitted socks bring together dark brown calf’s leather and taupe tailored trousers. We think an outfit like this keeps things simple and sophisticated, showing off our shoes to their fullest potential. What better to wear for a Negroni in the garden while we’re all whiling away the time at home?

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