Crockett & Jones

Secrets of the Shoe Trade - The Making Department

The Making Department of the Crockett & Jones factory can be found on the rather masculine ground floor. This room is full of some of the most recognizable jobs in the shoe making industry; Goodyear Welting, Toe Lasting and Sole Stitching to name a few...

Secrets of the Shoe Trade - The Making Department

The operation we are centralizing this installment of ‘Secrets of the Shoe Trade’ on is Bottom Filling! Albeit the rather amusing job title, this operation goes largely un-noticed. Filling the bottom part of the shoes is essential for the comfort, support and durability of a pair of Crockett & Jones shoes during day-today wear.


Firstly a wooden shank is fixed to the waist of the shoe with an extremely hot cement; this supports the waist and aids flexibility. Then, a mixture of cork and latex is moulded to the underside of the shoe, providing a flat surface for the sole or lift (Leather or Rubber) so sit on. The cork filler takes around two hours to dry before the shoes can continue their journey around the making department.


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