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The Velvet Albert Slipper

The Velvet Albert Slipper

It’s the most wonderful time of the year... to unbox, refresh or special order your Velvet Albert Slippers, a style of carpet friendly footwear that Crockett & Jones had on its shelves way before they became trendy... Come to think of it, does that make C&J a complicit trend setter?

Whether you plan on sitting by an open fire on a cold winter's evening, or are looking to compliment that dinner party outfit (maybe the former this year!), a pair of Albert Slippers are more versatile, hardwearing, comfortable and swish that you might think!

Thought to be named after Queen Victoria’s consort, Prince Albert, the Albert Slipper dates back to the early 1800’s. The Smoking Jacket was at the height of fashion which resulted in the Albert, becoming the footwear of choice for Victorian gentlemen hosting lavish dinner parties. Today, the Albert has proved it can stand the test of time still paired with with Dinner Jackets, whilst also gracing the dizzying heights of the fashionable folk at red carpet events... because we don't all get to spend Friday night on the red carpet, we'll stick to wrestling ours from the spaniel's grasp on the grey rug in front of the log-burner!

Usually made from velvet, the upper of an Albert Slipper is a whole cut with the vamp extending up the foot, to form a once-piece tongue. They tend to sport a leather sole with extravagant quilted linings, typically wine or blue coloured, that exude the feeling of luxurious comfort.

Offered in eight different styles for our Men’s Collection with varying embroidery including a P.O.W, Stag and Lion Rampant designs. “Gold Work” adds a delicate and elegant originality to each slipper and the technique, which can only be done by hand, involves a very fine filament of gold or silver wire wound tightly around a metal spike to create a “spring” which is then cut and stitched intricately to create each design.

This technique brings about the opportunity to add your own personality to a pair of our Slippers via our 'Slippers by Special Order' service. Each Crockett & Jones shop holds its own catalogue of upper and lining colour options, ranging from Velvet to Harris Tweed, emblems and monograms a plenty. Unless, of course, you wish to recreate a family crest or just go complete off-piste and create a unique artwork to suite your character or situation.

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