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The Week That Was...

Our resident man of letters, Nigel Cleaver, talks you through a week well-spent in his collection of Crockett & Jones shoes. Be warned, the inimitable Mr Cleaver’s day-to-day is nothing if not varied!

The Week That Was...

The start of the week calls for a touch of power dressing, albeit within a traditional framework, as I’ll be appearing in court professionally at a Pleas and Directions Hearing. To this end, I plump for the regulation dark blue pinstripe suit and black shoes. They have to be black, right? Though there’s something of the ‘devil may care’ in sporting a pair of black tassel loafers amidst a sea of lace-ups! Cue the elegant Cavendish loafer cutting a swathe through the endless steam of lacklustre Oxfords…


Tuesday’s footwear dilemma leads me to the inimitable Westbourne. ‘Brown in town’? Of course. The Westbourne is beautifully traditional, leading the way under leaden skies to the Local Authority Cabinet meeting. An elegant English Oxford Adelaide, commonly known as a ‘gary’ at the factory, my shoes turn heads in august company at City Hall.


Today, I’m interpreting at a Social Services Safeguarding meeting so need to look the part, yet the eternal issue is dressing too formally… Adaptable attire is required to match the majority and will be evaluated on arrival. Wednesday therefore calls for grey flannels, a simple necktie and a Harris tweed jacket to be removed if necessary to fit in. Helping to tread that fine sartorial line is a favourite pair of mine, suede Richmond unlined penny loafers – ultra comfortable and versatile to the end. For which also see Boston, Harvard et al…


Of course, I care deeply for all our students and University Freshers Week is certainly a highlight! A Fresher’s Thursday wouldn’t be the same without playing to the professorial stereotype, sporting a Check jacket, corduroy trousers and suede shoes. That’s in the staff-room of course not the lecture theatre, where I’m seriously outnumbered by ripped jeans and hoodies. Hallowed halls and parquet floors present a palpable sense of history, so a nod to tradition with elegant suede Westfield semi-brogues fits the bill, with deep green cords, a checked jacket and regimental striped necktie. All I need now is a gown, or leather elbow patches…. English heritage from top to toe.


What to do when unpredictable Friday holds sway? The beauty is not knowing, in this High Secure setting, whether I’ll be thrust into playing football with patients or revelling in the success of a Care Pathway therapeutic session. With that in mind, footwear able to respond quickly is a necessity, of-fering traction and control while cutting a dash if required. The decision is an easy one: Coniston it shall be. Outside or in, on-point or on my knees these trusty lace-up boots work every time.

Duties accomplished, it’s time for a break. At last, on to the weekend…

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Nigel Cleaver

Nigel Cleaver

Academic, Freelance Writer, Customer & @ignoreatyourperil

Nigel (or Cleav as he is known to many), is an academic and experienced father of the world. Fascinated by menswear and the nuances that surround this fine topic, particularly Crockett & Jones, Nigel’s journey began with an innocent meeting with one of our own Mark Hill, Manager of Crockett & Jones Birmingham. Their shared passion helped light a fire that resulted in Nigel becoming a forerunner on the highly regarded StyleForum as well as an Instagram sensation of a totally organic nature. Another with exceptional C&J experience, Nigel will be our ‘Customer Authority’, discussing those interesting and probing questions that are in the minds of many.

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