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Top 5 Men's Accessories

Top 5 Men's Accessories

This collection of accessories is made up of a mixture of bare essentials for maintaining your Crockett & Jones shoes, and some guilty pleasures for all shoe fanatics. All of the products below can be found in select Crockett & Jones shops:


Shoe trees had to come in at number one when selecting our Top 5 accessories. A vital element of shoe care for men’s and ladies shoes is the regular use of shoe trees. They offer extensive benefits, three of the main being that they have excellent moisture absorbency to gradually dry your shoes from the inside, they reduce creasing of the uppers whilst your shoes aren’t being worn, and they offer support whilst cleaning and polishing your shoes. Not only do they offer all of these benefits, they are also manufactured in Northamptonshire by the only remaining UK last manufacturer – The ‘Last’ Man Standing.


The Travel Shoe Care Kit is a necessity for the globetrotting lady or gentleman. Consisting of shoe and welt brushes, a cloth duster, 2 tins of wax polish and a brass shoe horn, this compact bag is an indispensable travel companion for anything that your shoes may come up against.


An absolute when putting together this edition of our Top 5, had to be a Crockett & Jones belt in Black Calf. Black Calf was our chosen representative for this category, purely due to its versatility and it being a best seller at retail. However, with the options of calf, suede, grain, cordovan and crocodile, when we say there is a belt for every Crockett & Jones shoe, we mean it.


Anyone that regularly cares for their shoes will know the importance of the humble Shoe Brush. Although not as flashy as some of the other contenders on this list, the shoe brush has a lot to take credit for when looking after your shoes. The start of all shoe care ‘rituals’ will begin with the removing of all dirt on the surface of the shoe, and will finish with a final polish… all made effortless by having the modest shoe brush. Invest in quality and the right brush will be a dependable accomplice for life.


There is not much to say when outlining why our Luxury Shoe Care Kit made it into the top 5. This is quite frankly the ultimate accessory for any Crockett & Jones devotee or shoe care enthusiast. This luxury wooden shoe box boasts an extensive range of shoe and welt brushes, polishes, shampoo, creams and the list goes on. Something to think about for next Christmas…

All of the above accessories can be found in select Crockett & Jones Retail Shops.

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