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Trends come and go. Classic style is timeless

Olof Nithenius. Freelance Writer, Banker and Brand Owner gives us his view of why he believes 'Classic Menswear' will always have a place in the echelons of style.

Trends come and go. Classic style is timeless

I don´t know if you have made the same observations but from my point of view the way we dress today is somewhat fragmented. The dress codes and norms of society, including professional environs, are pretty casual and liberal nowadays. As a consequence, the style spectra is broad to say the least.

Over the last couple of years there has been something of a “style revolution”. I see people dressed in a classic and stylish manner that I believe can be interpreted as a reaction against the ‘fast-food’ nature of society we are living in today. Let´s call it a 'back to basics' philosophy if you will. We are connected 24/7, reachable everywhere, everything is now, as quick as it can be! Is it any wonder therefore that an antidote is pursued? Could that antidote take the form of well-made shoes and exquisite tailoring?

Menswear with a history, with values that are there to be appreciated, will always stand the test of time.

I particularly notice that this behaviour is apparent amongst a younger and more enlightened generation. They live in the ‘fast’ world and are keen on transparency. I think that dressing with a classical look is borne of two reasons; the first being a sort of escapism as mentioned above; the second is, the younger generation want to make informed decisions and choices, considering style and quality as a trend that is here to stay. These are my own observations and would explain the recent wave of interest in, and demand for, tailoring and high quality footwear.

I also think that the term 'classic menswear' can be misleading and subjective. For many men a suit is considered to be classic when worn with a collar, tie and black oxfords compared to a turtleneck and a pair of Crockett & Jones boots. For me classic menswear is in the eyes of the beholder since our perception to dressing well today is liberal and individual.

I personally consider myself to dress classically, most of the time. Though I don´t want that to be misconstrued as overly formal or old fashioned. I prefer to mix and match and always with one foot firmly in the timeless and classic sphere. Good examples of my own style is to wear a pair of colourful socks with a flannel or corduroy trousers. I am as comfortable pairing cordovan boots with a suit as I am wearing a pair of tassel loafers with denim jeans.

Today I see suede, cordovan, tan calf, loafers, double monk-straps and brogues worn in the offices around the World. These are today's classics.

For me this is good, this is positive, we should get inspiration from the past yet look forward, always forward! It is 2018 after all.

Timeless Classics

Words by

Olof Nithenius

Olof Nithenius

Freelance Writer, Banker and Brand Owner

Olof is a man of quality. He has followed his passion and appreciation for well-made menswear to the point of making it ‘THE’ point. His eye for detail and effortless style is remarkably British, perfectly complimented by Swedish conviction. His ability to dress down smart and dress up casual is done with such a natural ease that one might conjure up visions of a team of stylists hiding away in his closet! A man of vast Crockett & Jones experience; from being a former part-owner of C&J stockist to an avid fan of the brand, with a personal collection to rival most. Olof will bring us a touch of Swedish style and we are looking forward to it…

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