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20 Years of Parisian Retail

On March 24th,1998, the first Crockett & Jones retail store in Paris opened its doors. Twenty years later, C&J Paris celebrates with two Limited Editions of the iconic Chukka

20 Years of Parisian Retail


The first Crockett & Jones retail store in Paris opened in 1998, a year after our flagship on London's Jermyn Street. On 14 rue Chauveau Lagarde, in the very heart of the chic area of 'La Madeleine', Paris welcomed the finest traditional English shoe manufacturer to its collection of high end retailers.

The success story starts with thanks to Thierry Duhesme, a passionate shoes collector of only the finest shoes. Gathering a team of experts: Dimitri Gomez – ‘’Maître Bottier’’ (Master Shoemaker), Fabrice Rungi – a footwear connoisseur, who began as the manager of La Madeleine and now in charge of our most recent store in Pairs - Le Marais, and Laurent Duhesme – his brother, for the financial management – Thierry, successfully sowed the seeds for a long-term partnership with Jonathan Jones and the staff back in Northampton, England.


In the early days, as business flourished, a first extension was added in 1999. Thierry Duhesme took over the printer’s workshop rue Pasquier (next door), increasing the sales floor to 80m² and suggests to Dimitri Gomez to move his 'Atelier' into the store. This was the start of a relationship that still continues today, under the gaze of curious and passionate Crockett & Jones customers.

"The greatest days of this centenarian company in Paris are ahead!" A quote from Thierry Duhesme, 2002 for Le Figaro, wearing a pair of our famous Chukka boots in Tobacco Suede.


The success of Crockett & Jones Paris has since been confirmed at “La Madeleine’’, when, in 2013 we took the decision to duplicate its sales floor once more. Taking over the real estate agency premises on Rue Chauveau-Lagarde, we enhanced an incredible space which proved to become a Parisian flagship that showcases our collection in all its glory.

Nowadays, the Parisian flagship welcomes Crockett & Jones clientele in 160m² of comfort and refinement, exactly as in Jermyn Street, London and 11 East 55th, New York. It is a “must see” location for the Crockett & Jones convert, as well as customers wishing to purchase their first pair of English shoes.


As each of the 20 years of retail in Paris has passed by, Crockett & Jones' status has grown from understated shoe manufacturer to a well respected, iconic brand of high quality English shoes. Today, the brand’s exposure consistently increases thanks to two other retail stores in Paris: on the “Left Bank” – 33 boulevard Raspail, and since 2016 in the heart of the historical area “Le Marais” – 16 rue du Bourg-Tibourg.

The highest standards applied to making fine shoes, in the companies original family run factory in Northampton, England, has resulted in the great success of Crockett & Jones worldwide. Thanks to these assets, the value for money that Crockett & Jones represents and to service excellence, Crockett & Jones are proud to steadily grow with our ever increasing and loyal customer base. Great relationships based on trust and a common admiration for shoe of exceptional quality.

As the head office in Northampton, managed by Jonathan Jones and Nick Jones (both 5th generation) and his children (4th generation). Crockett & Jones Paris, with the support of Crockett & Jones Northampton, started as a family business. Today, the day-to-day operations are still run by Laurent Duhesme and his wife after the sad and early loss of his brother, the shoe collector - Thierry, in 2003.

In Loving Memory of Thierry Duhesme

Thierry will forever be remember and respected. Even by those who had the misfortune to never work alongside him, but who have heard much about his intriguing and quirky ways.

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