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Black Velvet

Main Line Collection

Prince of Wales, a house slipper with embroidery design made from soft velvet, satin quilted linings and hard leather soles. From the Men's Main Collection.

  • Fitting : E
  • Last : -
  • English Size : 6 - 12.5
  • Sole : Slipper Leather

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Crockett & Jones Retail

A range of Slippers and Driving Shoes, exclusive to the Crockett & Jones Retail Collection

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For exact delivery charges, please contact your preferred Crockett & Jones retail shop. Delivery charges will vary according to the shipping destination, size and weight of your parcel. Crockett & Jones offer a full exchange or money-back guarantee on all unworn goods returned to us within 3 months of the purchase date along with a valid receipt. However, shoes showing any evidence of being worn, including scuffed soles, are not eligible for return. Please note that we cannot refund the cost of postage.

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Shoe Care

Crockett & Jones only uses the finest leathers available. With the correct care and attention your shoes will age well, taking on a greater depth of colour and character that only time can produce. We recommend following our shoe care guidelines regularly. Leather uppers require regular treatment with a good-quality wax polish to protect the leather and give a high shine finish. This should help to prolong the life of the uppers and maintain their appearance. For full details of how to care for your Crockett & Jones shoes, including a video guide, please refer to our Shoe Care section.

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What does it mean?

Embroidery or Gold Work

Although a plain front velvet slipper is unassumingly perfect for the intended wearer, the fine work of embroidery is not to be overlooked, and can be appreciated on the vast majority of our Slipper Collection. The technique is called “Gold Work”. It is thought to have originated in China and spread westwards along the silk route to the Middle East and Europe. There are a number of stitching techniques, but it specifically involves a very fine filament of gold or silver wire, which is tightly wound around a metal spike. This creates a long “spring” with a hollow centre. This particular embroidery technique can only be done by hand as each “bead” is cut and stitch specifically to create each design.

What does it mean?


It is generally agreed that the style was named after Queen Victoria’s consort Prince Albert. Developed in early 1800’s as an attractive and practical indoor shoe, worn to protect expensive rugs and wooden floors that adorned the gentry’s palaces and grand homes of England, from dirt and grime. The development of the Albert Slipper coincided with the fashion of wearing a smoking jacket. Described in the Gentlemen’s Magazine of London in the 1850s, as a kind of short robe de chambre, of velvet, cashmere or printed flannel and lined with bright colours. Albert Slippers are generally made of velvet or silk, the upper is usually a whole cut and are fully quilt lined, featuring decorative (Sometimes tongue in cheek) embroidery on the toe.

Quilted Lining

Quilted linings are not always seen. The finer details, such as coloured lining, need only remain in the eye of the beholder.


All Goodyear-welted shoes & boots are 100% made in Northampton, England. Slippers & Driving shoes are outsourced to specialist manufacturers.

Crockett & Jones Retail

A range of Slippers and Driving Shoes, exclusive to the Crockett & Jones Retail Collection

by Special Order

Also available by Special Order, where you can chose from a selection of specially design motifs. If you have a family crest or are feeling creative why not design your own.