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Anniversary Collection Details... Connaught

To commemorate Crockett & Jones's 20th year on Jermyn Street, three styles which featured in the very first retail collection have been remodelled using our highest level of skill and craftsmanship.

Anniversary Collection Details... Connaught

Connaught, the original classic straight cap oxford from the Men's Main Collection, has been given the Midas touch: the finest tan antique calf skins available anywhere in the world have been finely hand polished and burnished to bring out the natural depth of colour that can only be achieved with great skill. Bark tanned leather soles with the original 90s logo and sole finishing, complete a capsule collection that pays homage to a journey which is set to continue.

Last 236

Produced in January 1961. Last 236 is a Main Line last with a blunt round toe, the most traditional Crockett & Jones toe shape used for formal business Oxfords. Connaught is now the only remaining style on last 236, with an air of the English shoe trade from years gone by. There are no plans to discontinue this traditional toe shape with its slightly shorter forepart.

Bark Tanned Leather Sole

High quality ‘bark tanned’ leather sole with channelled sole stitching, perfect finishing a masterpiece of craftsmanship. A gentleman’s corner, wax detailing and hand painted 'half moon' waist. Just for aesthetic pleasure.

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