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Introducing Crockett & Jones X Saphir Médaille d’Or

A long awaited collaboration with two of the finest companies in their fields of expertise. High quality leathers deserve high quality shoe care products, and look no further than our Crockett & Jones branded selection of Saphir Médaille d’Or shoe care goodness.

Introducing Crockett & Jones X Saphir Médaille d’Or

In partnership with the finest producer of shoe care products in the world, Crockett & Jones has come together with Saphir’s Médaille d’Or Collection. We present to you a fine selection of products that perfectly compliment your Crockett & Jones shoes and boots, covering all of your shoe care requirements across our selection of high quality leathers.

Saphir is a long established manufacturer (c1925) whose company ethics and vision is well aligned with those from Crockett & Jones. Incredibly, discussions for this partnership started back in 2012 and for all involved it gives us the greatest of pleasure to finally be able to see our world-famous gold logo and British racing green colours on the world-renowned Pâte De Luxe tins.

Pâte De Luxe, Wax Polish

Pâte De Luxe is one of Saphir Medaille d’Or’s most iconic products and is specially formulated to obtain a ‘glaçage’ or ‘mirror shine’. The pigments have been chosen for their colouring and penetrating properties as well as their transparency. Saphir Medaille d’Or wax polish allows you to obtain an incomparable patina by applying different shades of colour to the surface of the leather by combining a selection of premium oils and waxes, including turpentine spirit (natural pine extract), beeswax, carnauba wax, and six other waxes with nourishing, protecting, softening and shining qualities.

Pommadier Crème 1925, Shoe Cream & Renovateur Cream

The world-famous Crème 1925 or Pommacier Cream has been favoured by footwear aficionados for nearly a century. This unique cream nourishes, conditions and revitalises the colour of all high quality full grain leathers, providing protection and a beautiful wax shine. The high concentration of pigments in Crème 1925 produces a rich colour tint, more so than Pâte De Luxe, working to rejuvenate the leather while also enhancing that ‘aged’ patina of life.

Renovateur cream is THE “must-have” product for anyone looking to increase the longevity of his/her shoes, whilst bringing life back into leathers exposed to the elements day-in-day out. A best-selling Saphir Medaille d’Or product, Renovateur sits perfectly alongside (prior to using) Pommadier or Pâte De Luxe whilst caring for your fine footwear. Containing beeswax, lanolin and mink oil, it gently removes the build-up of old wax polish, whilst nourishing and protecting your leather uppers. Renovateur Cream is highly regarded by leather care specialists as one of the best leather care product in the world!

Cordovan Cream

Given the rise of Cordovan shoes from Crockett & Jones over the past decade, another important addition to our new shoe care collection is Saphir Médaille d’Or’s Cordovan cream. Similar in substance to Pommadier Crème 1925, this specially developed cream is formulated with beeswax, solvents, a high concentration of pigments and neatsfoot oil to penetrate deeper into the tighter grain that Shell Cordovan is famous for. Maintaining its suppleness and natural sheen any Cordovan wearer must use this product, a super easy to apply and buff cream, your Cordovan shoes will be thankful for some regular hydration!

Super Invulner Protection Spray & Renovator Suede Spray

Suede is a far more robust material than most would give it credit for. It is often mistaken for a ‘summer only’ affair, but given the right care and attention, suede should be worn and enjoyed all year round. Super invulner suede protection spray, offers a superior resistance to water, snow, stains, dirt and grease and is regarded as one of the finest suede protectors available today.
Renovator suede spray is specifically designed to condition, protect and gently recolour suede and nubuck shoes that have begun to look a little tired. A remarkable product, this suede renovator contains almond oil to preserve the silky appearance of the suede’s nap whilst exclusive natural vegetable oils restore the original softness and suppleness of the suede.


Omni’Nettoyant provides deep cleaning and stain removal for suede and nubuck. This unique formula contains solvents and surfactants which lift dirt and marks from the surface, leaving it clean and renewed. A brush with natural bristles is included to gently cleanse without damaging the surface.

Grease / Dubbin

Dubbin conditioner is a deeply hydrating formula which nourishes and protects leather against the elements. It is suitable for high quality full grain leather, oiled hides and rough-out suede. Consisting of salmon oil and enriched with mink oil, Saphir Médaille d’Or’s Dubbin provides deep nourishment and protection against drying, hardening and cracking of leather.

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