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Last of the Lasts

Here, at the Crockett & Jones's International Head Quarters of Product and Last Development… AKA The Factory, we have been on a long lasting journey of late (pun intended), updating and revitalising some of our legendary lasts. This season, we introduce two new lasts: Last 379 & Last 140.

Last of the Lasts

A last, ‘last’ being a derivative of the Anglo Saxon word ‘Laest’ or footprint, is the beating heart of a shoe; a fundamental requirement of shoemaking, a shoemaker’s signature, the development of which cannot be compromised. It must carry all of the aesthetics and fitting qualities a shoemaker needs from the outset. Over time, Crockett & Jones has learnt from more than a century of last making and shoemaking experience. Due to continued growth in key markets throughout the world, Crockett & Jones is known globally for its diverse selection of lasts, all chronologically numbered; the lower the number, the earlier the date of origin.

After much tried and tested feedback from our long-trusted wholesale customers and end consumers, we are in no doubt that our latest lasts are absolutely benefiting from this expertise and ongoing feedback. By making small changes to develop the fitting qualities and aesthetics of a last, we are able to impart knowledge and expertise, making tangible differences to how our shoes feel to every customer from the very moment they step foot in a pair of Crockett & Jones shoes or boots.

Improving on what our customers are already happy with might seem fruitless on the face of it, but in this marketing led, branded world where almost everything is new, new, new… as a manufacturer and not just ‘a brand’, we still believe in our responsibility to improve upon what the eye cannot always see…

Of course, the human foot is a curious appendage, unique to all, without a clone in sight from left to right! This is a good thing… it ensures most of our lasts are rendered relevant and not redundant. With plenty of examples throughout our collection are lasts that have stood the test of time, non-more so than the 200 and 224 lasts that date back to 1934 and 1953 respectively. They are still in production today! Another firm favourite and world renowned form is the 236 last. It is immensely recognisable for its shallow toe depth and overtly English presence adorned to Oxfords and can only be described as a stalwart of Crockett & Jones. We thought it high-time 236 had a make-over, bringing it in line with today’s modern standards.

Last 379 and the soon to be celebrated 140 last are the latest incarnations. 379 is born from the 236 and the 140 from the original Hand Grade last, the 330.

Starting with Last 379. 379, is a Main Collection last with a classical round toe. Taking its toe shape (only) from the long appreciated 236 last this updated version has been remodelled and reformed to produce an exceptional last for formal business Oxfords. The resulting last is a traditional and recognisable Crockett & Jones toe shape that has been blended with an excellent fitting and technically superior last throughout the joint, the cone, the waist and full back-part.

Last 140 is a Hand Grade Collection last launched in celebration of our 140th Anniversary. Those of you with a keen eye will note the similarity between Last 140 and Last 330, the original Crockett & Jones Hand Grade Last. You would be correct in thinking the two were linked. 140 is a blend of the 330's fore-part and the favourable fitting of the 363 back-part. The results is a last with individual character, perfect to celebrate our 140th Anniversary Collection. A Classic English round toe that flows effortlessly through the joint and into the waist and heel section. Last 140 will invariably become a staple of the Hand Grade Collection in years to come…

Our newest lasts have become some of the best fitting lasts in the company’s 140 years in the making. Jonathan Jones, who heads up the last making process (modelled by Michael at Spring Line in Northampton) is a precise man who stands by every one of his lasts. They are the results of a vast knowledge of shoemaking precision. The pair of them have an excellent relationship and Michael is always keen to work on something new with Jonathan… Other lasts that feature our hollowed out neck and slimmer fitting throughout the heel include: 363, 373 from the Hand Grade Collection and 371, 375, 376, 377, 378 & 379…

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