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Shoes & Style: Winter Boots

Every man should own at least one pair of boots to wear in poor weather. These three signature designs are more than capable of standing up to the elements, and look sharp while they’re at it.

Shoes & Style: Winter Boots

In grey old mid-winter, there’s nothing quite like strapping into a hardy pair of boots to fortify the spirit as you head out of the door in the morning. At Crockett & Jones, our boot collection is almost as extensive as our shoe collection, and we take pride in producing a healthy variety of boots; from dressy styles to pair with tailoring, to heavy duty work boots and walking boots, destined to be with you for decades to come.

Robust boots merit rugged styling, so for this distinctly seasonal edition of Shoes & Style, we’ve kept things suitably un-fussy. First up, a pair of boots that are purpose-built to wear in the wet: the Snowdon. Snowdon is lasted on the 228 last in oak coloured wax hide, which as the name suggests, is finished with a waterproof waxy treatment. Other weather-proof design features include the Rubber Commando soles, affixed to the boots using storm-welt or ‘Veldtschoen’ construction, and the bellows tongue, which is cut from a single piece of leather that sits across the bridge of the foot and sewn into either side of the boot down its entire length – preventing water from soaking through the laces and into your socks.

They’re a specialised design to be sure, but they’re worth their weight in gold when the weather goes south. Here, we’ve paired them with a chocolate needlecord trouser from Turnbull & Asser, which lets the warm tones of the oaky leather do the talking. Add a chunky sweater and dark green wax jacket into the mix, and you’ve a got the perfect outfit for a rainy afternoon.

Next up is the Islay, an equally hearty boot that’s one of our most traditional and most popular models. It shares many qualities with the Snowdon; its generous rounded toes and dark brown Scotch Grain uppers are timeless, and thanks to its storm-welted Dainite rubber soles, it’s more than capable of seeing off a shower or two. It’s full brogue design, with characteristic punching and cap-toes, is as classic as a country-going boot can be. Not that you can’t dress the Islay up, too. A pair of earthy charcoal brown flannels, with a high rise and deep pleats, from British maker Kit Blake, pay a smart-casual compliment to these perennial boots. Pair with a crisp chambray shirt and softly tailored navy blazer.

Last, but by no means least, we have another modern classic, the Chelsea V boot in Dark Brown Rough Out Suede, which is tanned with a unique combination of oils and waxes to lend its water-resistance – and its soft, matte look. Relaxed and easy wearing, the Chelsea V will pair with pretty much anything; from indigo-dyed jeans (as seen here) to earthy coloured cords or moleskins. Like Islay, they’re finished with practical Dainite soles and lasted on a well-balanced last, the 335, which blends increased toe depth for comfort with a rounded silhouette.

While they all have their own character, these three pairs of boots have a few things in common too; they are practical, versatile and yet still good-looking. Add a pair to your collection to cope with this time of year, and we think you’ll find yourself coming back to them time and again.

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