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The Icons - Pembroke

In the first of a new series we take a look at one of Crockett & Jones’s best known shoes, the Pembroke, and more importantly how our customers wear it…

The Icons - Pembroke

Ah, the Pembroke. It’s a derby shoe like no other, this – one of the longest standing and most popular designs in the Crockett & Jones arsenal.

In fact, Pembroke was first introduced into our collection over two decades ago, not a bad innings, considering it’s as popular today as it ever has been. Pembroke is produced on the 325 last, another long-standing favourite, which has been around for well over 30 years in of itself. The 325 is a classic English last, with medium-round toes that offer a good amount of depth for comfort – as does its Derby lacing system.

A classic, full-country brogue with wing tips and a sweeping profile, Pembroke is available in no less than 10 different colourways today; ranging from Whisky and Burgundy Shell Cordovan, through various waxed calf leathers that offer excellent water resistance, to trusty Dark Brown and Tan Scotch Country Grain. Pembroke, apart from our Cordovan colourways, is set on a Dainite rubber sole finished with a storm welt. These details ensure that it’s more than capable of taking a punishment, come rain or shine. Moreover, its various colours and materials lend themselves to all manner of possibilities when it comes to styling Pembroke, and we’re proud to have well-dressed customers a-plenty who can attest to that.

If you riffle through these snaps, you’ll see that despite being a country style, Pembroke is just as suited to wearing with tailoring. The majority of our customers (judging by these images at least) choose to dress up Pembroke, as much as they dress it down. is wearing his Dark Brown Scotch Grain pair with a handsome royal blue flannel chalkstripe suit, set against forest green socks (a lovely combination), while @tomo_hendrix has opted for classic grey flannel trousers, no doubt with a sharp-looking blazer on top. @shoelund completes this trio with his dove grey worsted trousers and Pembrokes in Tan Scotch Country Grain, with complimentary leather briefcase and holdall to hand, too.

Not that you can’t pair Pembroke with denim, mind. Between them, two more of our customers, @y____8132 and @britishshoes demonstrate the flip-side of owning a pair of Pembrokes; they work equally well with either dark or light jeans, and even pale socks. Whether worn with colourful striped or plain white socks (a bold, and we think suitably contemporary look) the Pembroke can hold its own in your casual wardrobe too.

While Scotch Grain is the go-to for many country brogue fans, Pembroke in Whisky Cordovan is an equally distinctive shoe; even lighter in colour than the classic Tan Scotch Grain worn by @weast_of_eden. @weltandbarrel nevertheless shows off its dressy credentials, with a tonal combination of soft navy suit trousers and classic navy socks. Of course, a tailored ensemble like this would suit the Pembroke in Burgundy or Dark Brown Cordovan just as well.

No matter how you choose to wear yours and no matter which version you go for, there’s a reason why Pembroke is our first Crockett & Jones icon. It is, quite simply, the quintessential ‘go-anywhere, do-anything’ shoe. If you’ve yet to try a pair, they come heartily recommended.

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