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Velvet Slippers by Special Order

Our ‘Slippers by Special Order’ service is available for customers who would like to individualise a pair of Men’s or Women's ‘Albert’ slippers.

Velvet Slippers by Special Order


The first step in creating your Individual pair of House ‘Albert’ Slippers is to visit a Crockett & Jones retail shop and receive our full fitting service by a member of our retail staff. They will check the length and width of your feet, and then try two or three different sizes on a soft surface, so that you can walk a few steps in them – Making sure the fit is correct is the most important stage in creating your unique slippers.


Creating anything ‘special’ usually begins with a discussion. Each Crockett & Jones shop holds its own catalogue of velvet and tweed upper colours, emblems and monograms designs and quilt colour options. Inspiration can be taken from these options, but many customers opt to create their own unique artwork such as family crests or one-off designs. All of which remain completely confidential between Crockett & Jones, you (the customer) and all who you wish to share them with!


All of our velvet slippers are individually hand-crafted by our slipper maker situated in Norfolk, England. We outsource this production because we believe that specialist slipper manufacturing requires a specialist, artisan manufacturer. Each slipper is hand-cut, closed and hand-lasted in a process that demands attention to detail, a steady hand and patience. Similarly to Crockett & Jones the production process has remained largely unchanged over the years. We are pleased there are no plans to mechanise or upscale the process.


Once your slippers have been crafted, cared for and checked our retail staff will invite you back to the store for a test fitting and inspection, giving you the chance to see the slippers you have created for the first time.

Prices for slippers by special order start from £230 and usually take around 8-10 weeks to make. Our retail staff are always on hand to answer any questions you might have about any of our retail services.

Origins of The Albert Slipper

It is generally agreed that the style was named after Queen Victoria’s consort Prince Albert. Developed in early 1800’s as an attractive and practical indoor shoe, worn to protect expensive rugs and wooden floors that adorned the gentry’s palaces and grand homes of England, from dirt and grime. The development of the Albert Slipper coincided with the fashion of wearing a smoking jacket. Describe in the Gentlemen’s Magazine of London in the 1850s, as a kind of short robe de chambre, of velvet, cashmere or printed flannel and lined with bright colours. Albert Slippers are generally made of velvet or silk, the upper is usually a whole cut and are fully quilt lined, featuring decorative (Sometimes tongue in cheek) embroidery on the toe.

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