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Crockett & Jones welcomes BBC 2's Inside the Factory

Crockett & Jones welcomes BBC two back to Northampton for their second series of ‘Inside the Factory’, hosted by Greg Wallace, Cherry Healey and Ruth Goodman.

Crockett & Jones welcomes BBC 2's Inside the Factory

In January of this year, Ruth Goodman, freelance historian and a regular on our television screens, visited Crockett & Jones in Northampton, the home of British shoemaking.

If you are not familiar with the series, it really is a fascinating watch. More renowned for taking us around famous English branded food factories, the new series has branched out to include the largest English bicycle factory (Brompton Cycles) as well as the largest ‘output’ footwear factory (New Balance Trainers).

Each episodes main focus, with Greg and Cherry, is on highly efficient factories with staggering outputs, using remarkable technology and engineering. Throughout the programmes Ruth opens the history books, taking time to appreciate the more traditional techniques that made British manufacturing great.

Given that Crockett & Jones’ manufacturing techniques have remained largely unchanged since the late 19th century, it gave the film crew an opportunity to see tradition ‘In the making’.

Ruth met with a number of our staff whilst putting her own skills to the test on a post sewing machine. She also met with Rebecca Shawcross, Northampton Shoe Museum, to gain an insight into the history of the footwear industry in Northampton.

We hope you can tune in.

Inside the Factory, BBC Two 8pm on Tuesday 30th August. © BBC: