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Lasting Variations... Last 325

Lasting variations is a proving ground for a Last, highlighting its capacity for multiple styles, paving the way for customer loyalty, through fitting confidence and consistency.

Lasting Variations... Last 325

We begin with arguably one of the most recognised in the collection. If not through longevity and customer satisfaction, but for its classic country origins - Last 325 is an icon. 325 is a last that once worn is seldom forgotten. What we (the Crockett & Jones family) find the most fascinating is that this form has become even more relevant today than it was in the 90's when first developed. There is no exact answer as to why, but we are in no doubt that the commitment we show towards our own lasts ensures they remain at the forefront of our customers minds.

Last 325

Date of Origin: March 1995

Last 325 is a Main Collection last, with a medium round toe and increased toe depth. Now in production for over 20 years, 325 is a best-selling last with its own timeline. Famed for country styles and loafers, 325 also offers width options in both E & G. With three standout styles that are worn worldwide, the 325 collection is only enhanced with due care and attention.

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Although in the early days Last 325 lent itself to country styles such as Pembroke and Coniston, fast forward to today and the round toe has become an aesthetic chosen by the more style conscious and dare we say it, many of our younger customers. It is not just the classics that are made on last 325, it can also be appreciated on our fashionable over-sized double buckle monk from ‘The Black Editions’, Tay II in Black Rough-Out Suede.

Next up, Last 348. A last that at the time, revolutionised the perception of Crockett & Jones and broadened its product offering, attracting a wave of new customers to its stores.

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