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From Retail Around the World - Royal Exchange

From Retail Around the World - Royal Exchange

Name : Jack Main
Job Role : Assistant Manager
Retail Shop / Country : Royal Exchange, London.


What did you do before you started with Crockett & Jones?
After a 3 year stint at college followed by a few years playing football in Thailand, I started out by coaching the younger generation on how to play the wonderful game. After this, I decided to get into retail and began selling trainers (footwear has always had my heart). It offered my enough insight into a career in retail which is when I had the opportunity to start with Crockett & Jones.

Can you remember the first pair of shoes you ever sold?
Indeed I can. The first pair of shoes I sold was a pair of 'Prestwood in Black Calf' from our Hand Grade Collection. It's since been discontinued, although I did sell it over 5 years ago.


How long have you been working for Crockett & Jones? In that time, are there any standout / interesting moments?
I have now been here for just over five years.. how time flies when you're having fun! Being here for that length of time, means I have had a few interesting moments to say the least. As an avid football fan being able to meet a few stars of the game from my time at Jermyn Street and the Royal Exchange will live long in the memory! For them to share the same passion for our shoes added to the experience ever further.

What shoes did you wear to work today?
Today I wore my Langham Black on the old 72EX last shape, for me personally this is the best shape we've ever produced. Extremely comfortable with a real traditional look to it.

From the current collection, what is your favourite Crockett & Jones style?
I absolutely love the new Camberley in Dark Brown Suede, I'll be sure to get my hands on these in the near future. That's if I can get my hands on a pair... they're selling like hot cakes at the moment.


Working in London, you must know some hidden gems. Tell us something interesting about the City that you would happily recommend your customers do or see.
I've been working in our City of London Branch for the last four years, and of course you can always find a few spots to go for a few drinks after work. My personal favourite that I would be happy to recommend is 'Madisons' located at One New Change. It offers a fantastic view of the city and their is always a good crowd. Especially after a long week at work.

In your opinion, what really makes a pair of Crockett & Jones shoes special? Is it the Design, the Construction, the Heritage, the people?
All of the above rolled into one, we create timeless models for absolutely everyone, which are made to last. Our value for money really does set us apart from the majority. And whatever store you happen to find yourself in, you really will get the perfect shopping experience from our staff that truly love the brand.


Who inspires you professionally and personally?
My Mother has always done everything possible to make sure I had the best start in life. Her tireless work ethic and never taking no for an answer has helped make me realise the type of person I want to be to succeed in whatever I do.

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