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Grafford. Stockholm, Sweden

We would like to introduce you to our extended family. This array of worldwide retailers are friends of the brand and faithful champions of our products and services.

Grafford. Stockholm, Sweden

You may or may not know that ‘The Swedes’ (as we call them) like to partake in a tipple or two on the odd occasion. Us Brits are all too familiar with a local pub, fine wine and/or a Scotch whisky and if family connections were judged on sharing good times together over a large glass of your choice, then The Swedes and Crockett & Jones are most certainly family.

At this stage, but more to follow in a few weeks, much thanks must go to Mikael Pettersson of Hammargruppen who was single handily responsible for introducing Crockett & Jones to the Swedish market. Mikael has an incredible zest for business and life and instigated many of the social gatherings to which thousands of shoes have been created and ordered.

With a younger, more educated (in Goodyear-welted footwear) generation of Swedes, who have probably been shod in Crockett & Jones at some stage, now running their own menswear and footwear businesses, Crockett & Jones has plenty to answer for. Today there is a huge following for Goodyear-welted footwear and therefore plenty of competition in the market, but Crockett & Jones can be known as one of the originals and found in Grafford, Stockholm.



Stefan Jönsson - Founder and Owner | Richard Kuylenstierna - Store Manager and Shoemaker | Oliver Dannefalk - Visual Manager

Since 1975 when Stefan started Grafford it has been the place for high quality mending and repairing of shoes. Situated in the heart of Stockholm, we were well placed to fly the flag for quality footwear in Sweden. In fact, we were one of the first stores to carry Goodyear Welted shoes in Sweden when we decided to introduce Crockett & Jones.

Since the early days, Grafford continues to represent Crockett & Jones offering the largest collection of Crockett & Jones shoes & boots in Sweden. You will also find a selection of accessories that compliment this fine product, including shoe care items from Saphir (of course).

Grafford and those who work in the store have always had an ability to build lasting relationships with its long-standing customers (friends), many of whom come back time and time again for advice, repairs and to see the latest collection for a new season. One could argue that the business was instrumental in the growth of interest that has swept across Sweden since the late 90s and it is with great pride that we, alongside other new retailers to the market, continue to build and serve a customer based for fine footwear that we stand by.

How long have you been working with Crockett & Jones?

Since 1999

Why have you chosen to stock Crockett & Jones Shoes & Boots?

Because of the consistency in quality and the friendly relationship we have with the Crockett & Jones family.

Which style(s) do you think is the most iconic from the Crockett & Jones Collection?

Our favourite is the Cavendish which in our opinion is the benchmark for every other tassel loafer the world over. It is not easy to ‘own’ a style that is so iconic.

If you have any particularly fond memories of your time working with Crockett & Jones, we would love to hear and share them.

Now, an incredible four decades later, the story continues as it always has. Since way back our meetings with the Crockett & Jones family has always been memorable. We’ve done much buying after one too many whiskeys and cigars, ending up with a brilliant stock that a time we did not remember ordering! Fortunately, the Jones family were poised with pens at the ready before one become too many.

It’s always been easy for us to work with Crockett & Jones since the consistency in quality and range of products has always been at the very top. Our customers know what they get when buying shoes from us. They know we pride ourselves in having a connection over and above the usual sales assistant / customer relationship. They know we’re open for great conversation, a coffee and a pair of shoes! We want Grafford to feel like a natural and welcoming place to step into when passing by on the street.

Over the later years we’ve added skilled personnel that specialise in the modern ways of marketing such as bettering photography, launching a website and putting thought into social medias such as Instagram. We’ve heard that its important…!! All jokes aside we are seeing an increase in visitors from all over the world. Usually they land at our webshop: - Oliver Dannefalk, a lifer in shoes and menswear and also our Visual Manager, handles those sorts of ‘things’.

Richard Kuylenstierna is the man who runs the store and together with Stefan, is in charge of the repair shop. He’s a trained shoemaker under the stedfast hand of Mr. Jönsson. Together we form a great team with a passion for quality and craftsmanship. Together with Crockett & Jones we look forward to continuing this journey.

Humlegårdsgatan 19, 11446. Stockholm.

004686623746 | @graffordshoes

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