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StyleForum... an online community

Nigel Cleaver, gives us an insight into the social world of StyleForum.

StyleForum... an online community

Some time back a rather stylish fellow remarked, while elegantly replacing his Turnbull & Asser pocket square, ‘Have you seen StyleForum’? The rest, as they say, is history. What he didn’t mention was…

The invaluable resource that is StyleForum is one shining example of a worldwide community with shared passions. Your thing may be Neapolitan Tailoring, Japanese Denim, the finest Coffee, well made English Shoes (!) Bespoke Neckties or Ragged Trousered Philanthropy! The list is endless. Whatever your pleasure, or fora, there is a veritable goldmine of information and inspiration on offer. Some dive straight in, others take a watching brief. My advice would be to sign up, seek out the threads with the most resonance and share your passion.

Those with manners and good grace, the Good Guys, are in abundance to discuss the issues of the day.

Wherever we are, be that the work place, the Pub or your Club (sporting or otherwise) some characters prevail, the same is true for the internet of course. Where you are has an impact too, living in the Shires of England I am presented with a different aesthetic to the City which in turn differs from a worldwide stage. Of course, the dawn of the Internet spawned the ‘biggest pond’ of all.

Now, if #classicmenswear is your thing yet you’re unsure of what to wear at a family wedding then dive in and ask the question in Menswear Advice, you’ll receive answers from all corners of the world. Should you need advice as to how a particular shoemaker’s last fits then someone, somewhere will have that information and gladly advise you. Black tie outfit? Classical or Rock Music? Round laces or flat? Official Wine Thread or Official Beer Thread? Brogues, Loafers or Oxfords? Humidors, Fountain pens, Fly Fishing…

Truth be told the list is never ending and those with manners and good grace, the Good Guys, are in abundance to discuss the issues of the day. Thankfully we are therefore afforded a valuable resource shared by contributors from all walks of life, supportive and passionate, keen to progress and assist others to do the same. I have had the pleasure of meeting some of these people and have formed lifelong friendships, forged in shared passions. I am richer for that.

For the record, initially I jumped straight in and swam to the deep end. Life-vest on, I later returned with a receptive mind, eyes wide open whilst always learning. ‘Come on in, the water’s lovely’…

Yours, aspiring Mr Good Guy

Words by

Nigel Cleaver

Nigel Cleaver

Academic, Freelance Writer, Customer & @ignoreatyourperil

Nigel (or Cleav as he is known to many), is an academic and experienced father of the world. Fascinated by menswear and the nuances that surround this fine topic, particularly Crockett & Jones, Nigel’s journey began with an innocent meeting with one of our own Mark Hill, Manager of Crockett & Jones Birmingham. Their shared passion helped light a fire that resulted in Nigel becoming a forerunner on the highly regarded StyleForum as well as an Instagram sensation of a totally organic nature. Another with exceptional C&J experience, Nigel will be our ‘Customer Authority’, discussing those interesting and probing questions that are in the minds of many.

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