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The Perfect Dinner (attire)

Olof Nithenius talks about his love of formal attire and dressing for the occasion.

The Perfect Dinner (attire)

As you might know by now I am based in Sweden. Here, men have a very “odd” perception of the dress code: smoking jacket (tuxedo as we commonly know it). Most wear this once a year, for New Years Eve and that’s it. I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that. No, to be honest there is…

I lived in England for a while where the term Dinner Suit is used more often, which I prefer. It’s a suit for dinner, enough said. As the name suggests, a suit we dress up in and wear for a formal dinner. How awful would it be if we didn’t dress up and wear this formal attire more often?

Tonight, it’s a strictly made in Britain outfit... and of course I have to sport my Black Albert Velvet Slippers from Crockett & Jones, a favourite look.

In England the tradition of wearing Dinner Suits is much more common, more widespread and I truly admire this. In order to explain how lovely I think this notion is I will give you my perfect day...

I wake up in my London hotel on a crisp April morning. After a leisurely breakfast with the newspapers my old school friend drives us the hour to his family’s country house in the Shires. His family welcomes us, we change and head to the club for 18 holes of golf. We have lunch in the clubhouse where I appreciate almost all of the members dress properly, wearing a jacket for lunch. That’s a nice touch, rarely seen in Sweden.

Back to their house we take a leisurely stroll through the countryside catching up on the family news. Later on, its time to prepare for dinner and they have invited a few friends over, I’m very much looking forward to the evening and it’s time to dress for the occasion. Tonight, it’s a strictly made in Britain outfit! I wear my bespoke black Dinner Suit from Cad & The Dandy, a crisp white dinner shirt from Ede & Ravenscroft with vintage British sterling silver and onyx studs, a black grosgrain bow tie from Turnbull & Asser and of course I have to sport my Black Albert Velvet Slippers from Crockett & Jones, a favourite look.

Everyone dresses up, rightly showing each other respect. We talk, we laugh and we discuss the issues of the day. Great food and excellent wines allow us to focus on the sparkling company.
This is my dream day, sadly all too rare, though when it does happen I enjoy it very much in my pumps!

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Words by

Olof Nithenius

Olof Nithenius

Freelance Writer, Banker and Brand Owner

Olof is a man of quality. He has followed his passion and appreciation for well-made menswear to the point of making it ‘THE’ point. His eye for detail and effortless style is remarkably British, perfectly complimented by Swedish conviction. His ability to dress down smart and dress up casual is done with such a natural ease that one might conjure up visions of a team of stylists hiding away in his closet! A man of vast Crockett & Jones experience; from being a former part-owner of C&J stockist to an avid fan of the brand, with a personal collection to rival most. Olof will bring us a touch of Swedish style and we are looking forward to it…

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